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Working in the Westerwald


The location of our headquarters in Wallmenroth has the best of both worlds. It is a mixture of nature, industry and also a great place to live in. Thanks to attractive rent and affordable prices for ground, as well as non-existent anonymity, the dream of an idyllic life can be realized in Wallmenroth and the nearby Betzdorf. 




Three kilometers west of Betzdorf, located in the north of Rhineland-Palatinate and part of the administrative district Altenkirchen, the picturesque local community Wallmenroth connects the regions Westerwald and Siegerland. A well laid out road network offers quick connections to the Rhine-Main area and the Rhine-Ruhr area. 

The closest international airports are Köln-Bonn and Frankfurt am Main and they can be reached easily by car or train. The local public transport brings you around well and thanks to fairly quick and reasonably priced train connections, you can reach Aachen, Köln, Bonn, Siegen and Kreuztal without much trouble. 

Betzdorf is a strategically important railroad hub in the local public transport, which also shows by its connection to the county Hessen towards Limburg and Dillenburg and to the Westerwald towards Daaden. Alternatively, several bus lines leave from the town center and connect the neighboring towns and administrative districts. 


Nature All Around


The area around Wallmenroth is known for mountain ranges rich in woodlands, placid half-timbered villages and a diverse and beautiful nature. The local community, which is located in the valley of the Sieg, has a number of sights to offer, like the bell house, rich in tradition, 

or the mountain cross. The wildlife reserve gray heron colony as well as numerous hiking and cycling paths invite you to explore the region. Some of the most popular hiking trails are the "Westerwald-Steig" and the "Rothaarsteig". 

Lovely farm and barn cafes as well as many local and village museums give the hiking trails a unique charm that makes you want to explore even more. 


Family Friendly Region


The region Wallmenroth/Betzdorf has a lot to offer for families. Next to numerous educational and care facilities and a good medical care, there are a lot of leisure opportunities for everybody, which are listed below. Regarding care and educational facilities, Wallmenroth has a cozy day care center named "Zauberwald" and Betzdorf and and its environs have even more of them. 

Protestant and catholic facilities and Waldorfkindergarten are just some of the options for pre-school children. Older students profit from the pretty central location of Wallmenroth because they can go to school in either the region Westerwald or Siegerland, which both have a good range of educational offers for students of every level. Within 15km, there are a lot of modern and well-equipped school providing a general education. 

The University of Siegen is only 33km away and there is also the FOM, which offers extra occupational study paths. Both of them can be reached easily by train. A comprehensive medical care ist also ensured, by numerous doctor's offices, medical centers and other medical facilities in Betzdorf, Siegen and environs. 


Day Care Centers

Einrichtung Entfernung (km) Webseite
Zauberwald 1

Haus Nazareth 2

Zwergennest 3

Haus der kleinen Füße 3

Kir(s)chkern 4

Waldorfkinder-garten 5

Elementary Schools

Einrichtung Entfernung (km) Webseite
Christophorus-Schule Grundschule Betzdorf 2

Maximilian-Kolbe-Schule Grundschule Scheuerfeld 2

Martin-Luther-Schule Grundschule Betzdorf 3

Secondary Schools

Hauptschulen (Lower Secondary Education)

Einrichtung Entfernung (km) Webseite
Achenbacher Schule Gem. Hauptschule 24

Freie Christliche Schule Siegen 29

Realschule (Middle School)

Einrichtung Entfernung (km) Webseite
Bertha-von-Suttner Realschule plus 4

Gymnasien (High School) 

Einrichtung Entfernung (km) Webseite
Freiherr-vom-Stein-Gymnasium, Betzdorf-Kirchen 6

Auf der Morgenröthe, Siegen 20

Gymnasium Am Löhrtor, Siegen 25

Peter-Paul-Rubens, Siegen 26

Fürst-Johann-Moritz-Gymnasium, Siegen-Weidenau 30

Evangelisches Gymnasium, Siegen-Weidenau 30

Gesamtschulen (Comprehensive School) 

Einrichtung Entfernung (km) Webseite
Integrierte Gesamtschule Geschwister Scholl, Betzdorf-Kirchen 5

Gesamtschule Freudenberg 21

Gesamtschule Eiserfeld 23

Förderschulen (Special School) 

Einrichtung Entfernung (km) Webseite
Maximilian-Kolbe-Schule, Scheuerfeld, Förderschwerpunkt Lernen 2

Wilhelm-Busch-Schule, Wissen, Förder-schwerpunkt Lernen 14

Vocational School

Einrichtung Entfernung (km) Webseite
Berufsschule Wissen 14

Berufskolleg Wirtschaft und Verwaltung, Siegen 26

Community College

Einrichtung Entfernung (km) Webseite
VHS Betzdorf 4

VHS Herdorf 17

Universities and Colleges

Einrichtung Entfernung (km) Webseite
FOM Hochschule für Ökonomie & Management, Siegen 29

Universität Siegen 32

Technische Hochschule Köln 92


Leisure Facilities


The recreation offer in and around Wallmenroth is vast and has a lot to offer for everyone. Next to an animal park, a cinema and several swimming pools, there are places where you can go bowling, play lasertag, or drive kart. An indoor playground and a climbing gym offers fun for everybody, whereas teenagers can also play foosball or billiard in the youth center in Wallmenroth or take part in the sports activities of the Sportfreunde Wallmenroth e.V. 

On top of that, the Eurogreen statium of the SG 06 Betzdorf is just around the corner from Wallmenroth. Every week, you can dive into the soccer fever. Golf players also won't be bored since there is more than one golf course within 20km, Kreuztal and Wenden being two of them. And Betzdorf has a lot to offer for fans of aviation. The SFC Betzdorf-Kirchen invites you to test flights and you get the chance to take the aviation test. 

Within just 13km there are a parachute club (Fallschirmsportclub NRW e.V.) and the aviation club (Luftsportverein Siegerland). The Siegerland airdrome is only 25hm  away and has a flight training school for private pilots as well as a helicopter flight training school. 

And at last, the Biggesee is only 50km away. The big lake in Olpe offers a lot for friends of water sports. Whether you would like to sail, dive, row or just bathe, there is something to do for each and everyone. 


Animal Parks and Zoos

Einrichtung Entfernung (km) Webseite
Tierpark Niederfischbach 16

Wildpark Bad Marienberg 27

Affen- und Vogelpark Eckenhagen 38

Kölner Zoo 88

Sports and Action

Einrichtung Entfernung (km) Webseite
Sportverein 1

Wanderwege 2

Freizeitbad Molzberg 7

Bowling & Kegeln 7

Lasertag 23

Indoor-Spielplatz 23

Kletterhalle 25

Golfclub Siegerland 31

Kartbahn 49


Einrichtung Entfernung (km) Webseite
SFC Betzdorf-Kirchen 7

Siegerland Flughafen 25

Sights in Nature

Einrichtung Entfernung (km) Webseite
Rothaarsteig 30

Biggesee, Olpe 51

Phone +49 2741 9321-0

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