Prepared for all dangers: KRITIS customer relies on sustainable high-performance data center

The new data center in Wedau-Nord is being extended by a two-story annexe.

A customer from the critical infrastructure sector (KRITIS) relies on the expertise of DCC Duisburg CityCom for its IT and has signed a long-term lease, for a total area of around 1,400 square meters with a total of 310 server racks.

The history: In a construction period of only twelve months, DCC Duisburg CityCom (an IT and telecommunications service provider and part of the Duisburg utility and transport company DVV) realized a new high-performance data center together with DATA CENTER GROUP (we reported in DC MAG 15). The data center is characterized by its special sustainability concept.

Data Center Weidau

Quality and high standards

„The award is a proof of the quality and high security standards that we offer with our data centers and IT infrastructure," says DVV managing director Marcus Vunic, who is responsible for information technology, telecommunications and digitization.


The lease agreement provides for three rental space levels for around 100 server racks each. All this space is located at the site of the new DCC data center in the future Wedau-Nord technology quarter. From March 2023 the server rooms in the existing new construction will serve the customer for the first leasing stage. For the two further leasing stages, DCC will then build a two-story extension in the coming years.

"We are pleased to be able to generate further growth. Many customers, like ourselves as a critical infrastructure company, have special demands on their IT infrastructure. In this area, we are well positioned with our data centers, which meet the highest security and availability classes, setting new standards in the region," says DCC's managing director Stefan Soldat.

The standards are based on the specifications of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The infrastructure is redundant. This means that the supply with power and cooling is secured multiple times even in the event of failures. For example, the data center is powered by two separate network access points; in the event of a failure of the external energy supply, continued. In the event of a failure of the external power supply, continued operation is ensured for 72 hours at full load via diesel generators. The data lines are also protected by separate routes. State-of-the-art technology and highly qualified personnel ensure trouble-free and safe operation in order to meet the customer's high safety requirements without restriction.


Data & facts


Expansion stag 1

  • 110 racks for a total capacity of 660 KW (6 KW per rack)
  • Refrigeration with direct free cooling
  • Cooling supply in 1:1 redundancy
  • Security technology with EMA (intrusion detection system)
  • Access control as well as video technology

BU Racks

A groundbreaking concept: The lease agreement provides for three rental space levels for around 100 server racks each.


BU technology (red)

All the trades interlock perfectly: state-of-the-art technology and a special sustainability concept ensure secure data center operation.

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