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Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH benefits from the data center specialists many years of experience

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH (FBB) operates Schönefeld Airport and Tegel Airport through its subsidiary BFG. In 2018, around 34.7 million passengers were carried at Berlin Airports. This makes Berlin the third largest airport location in Germany. In order to create the necessary capacities for the future, the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport “Willy Brandt” is currently being built at the Schönefeld site. The aim is to concentrate all of the air traffic in the German capital region in the south-east of Berlin. 

Andreas Heinze has been working as an IT system planner at FBB since April 2006. In this role, he looks after the FBB data centers and is the contact person for all technical and organizational questions relating to the data centers. The partnership between the DataCenterGroup and the operating company of Berlin Airports (FBB) has existed for several years, reports the system planner. Because the experts of the DataCenterGroup had already successfully completed a number of projects at FBB in advance.

With RZservices, the division within DCG that specializes in servicing, maintenance and operation, one has competent support in all maintenance and repair questions of the data center, says Heinze.

In order to be able to identify possible risks, the standards conformity test for the data centers RZ-North and the new RZ-South at BER Airport was agreed by SECUrisk in accordance with DIN EN 50600 in 2017. Based on its many years of experience, the DataCenterGroup developed examination catalogs in which more than 744 examination criteria are queried in order to identify, record and prioritize every possible risk. In general, the system was in good condition.

Heinze has a positive conclusion: “I am looking forward to the competent support from the DataCenterGroup and to further cooperation. Because communication and coordination worked very well. ”And Fabian Buda, SECUrisk consultant, is also pleased about the good cooperation with Andreas Heinze's team. Because the result of the review serves FBB as a guideline for the next few years to further improve the already very well functioning IT operations. He draws a positive conclusion: "We are very proud that we were allowed to accompany this project and look forward to the further exchange."



RZ CONSULTING MANDATE: Standards conformity test according to DIN EN 50600

PROJECT DURATION: January 2018 to January 2019


Phone +49 2741 9321-0

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