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Green DC-ITSafe for HUF HAUS

The name HUF combines the demands and obligations of a family that is now the third generation to lead and shape the company. The same emphasis is placed on economic solidity and stability as on continuity in the assumption of responsibility by managers and employees.

The experts of the HUF group of companies carefully handle every step of the construction phase and are very familiar with the special requirements of the half-timbered architecture. In the course of digitization, the requirements and the priority of the IT infrastructure in the family company from the Westerwald increased and thus also the importance of the data to be protected. In addition to topics such as backup, firewall and data availability, air conditioning, fire protection and physical access protection are also playing an increasingly important role.

In order to meet the current IT security, data and fire protection regulations, the management of HUF HAUS therefore decided on a new and future-proof solution. The first points of contact with the products of the DataCenterGroup already existed in 2014 at CeBIT, said IT manager Thomas Ehmann and his colleague Denny Langos on the visit to Hanover. This encounter paved the way for the ultimate purchase decision.

Not only the product, but also the two company mentalities harmonized perfectly with each other. The IT managers were already convinced after the first discussions. Thanks to the uncomplicated and transparent consulting service provided by sales, you felt that you were in good hands.

Virtualization has reduced the number of server racks from five to one. This had to be centralized carefully. Together with the DataCenterGroup, an optimal solution for the systems was then defined: the DC-ITSafe.

"In addition to the obvious features such as air conditioning, fire and access protection, the monitoring and UPS solution convinced us" (Thomas Ehmann, IT manager)


"In addition to the obvious features such as air conditioning, fire and access protection, the monitoring and the UPS solution convinced us. In addition, the safe was of course painted in the typical HUF green. The accommodation of the UPS batteries was ingeniously solved. We were able to do this so far not yet found with any other provider, ”continues the IT manager.

Since the new location for the servers is at ground level and easily accessible, no special features had to be taken into account. It took about eight weeks from handshake to implementation. The implementation went smoothly, summarizes Ehmann. In addition to the safe, maintenance is also in the hands of DCG. “It was important to us to get everything from a single source,” emphasizes the IT manager.

Ehmann has a positive conclusion: "On the one hand, the core of the IT is now secured against most physical incidents, on the other hand everything is now centrally located right next to the IT office, without anyone being disturbed by noise, for example."


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