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IT service provider PAAR IT realizes physical overall protection with DC-ITSafes

Security does not always involve the defense against drones or fully secured data centers.
Occasionally, smaller solutions can be as winsome and effective. Just like they are for the PAAR IT GmbH in Siegen. A large data center would have been too overdesigned for the regional IT service provider and a security room was not feasible due to building physics.To guarantee IT security on the best economically manageable level,

the company decided upon two security safes from the RZ-Products GmbH, a subsidiary of the DATA CENTER GROUP. Since 2008, PAAR IT does not only offer a cloud solution, but also administration and surveillance of IT systems according to individually adjusted Service-Level-Agreements (SLAs). This includes the operation of entire infrastructures, virtual systems, telecommunication technology, e-mail and web servers.

Among the roughly 350 clients of the IT service provider are regional health care institutions, law offices, notaries and accountants, banks as well as companies for automotive industries, engineering, or forest and wood management. The priority is always IT security according to German standards. Hence, to ensure those for the increased order volume, PAAR IT wanted to renew its own infrastructure.


"I wanted to be able to sleep again. The DC-ITSafe convinced me straight away. "

(Thomas Paar, Manager and Proprietor of PAAR IT GmbH)

The aim was an integrated physical overall protection: solid, safe and quickly installed.
“I wanted to be able to sleep again”, says Thomas Paar, manager and proprietor of the PAAR IT which was founded in 2008. But the realization for the company by itself was not easy. A data center for the company itself would be too large. Even a room-in-room solution would have been problematical since both the complicated construction and surrounding environment would not have provided enough space. Furthermore, necessary window facades hindered an effective fire protection. A professional solution was given by RZ-Products, a developer and manufacturer of products for IT infrastructures, that offered its modular compact data center DC-ITSafe.

After first contact in March 2017 and a tour of the production site of the DC-ITSafe both parties started working together. The quotation was made and accepted in one week each and the installation was completed in only five days. “The DC-ITSafe convinced me straight away. Not only because of the way it looks. The miniature data center is an investment in sustainable development and long-term security in our company.

The entire implementation process as well as the consulting, planning and installation was professional and of high quality”, says Thomas Paar. “From redundant components and professional wiring to the customized design, like the color for example. The expandability and modular design of the security safe allows clear work with physical all round protection.” Hence, the DC-ITSafe provides excellent shelter from physical harm. Being EI 90 fireproof according to EN 1363-1 and the only safe that meets the limits of EN 1047-2 for
40 minutes, it is evidently the most fireproof compact data center worldwide. Exposed to flames from five sides, the DC-ITSafe, including all components like double-wing doors and cable sealing, withstood temperatures between 900 and 1,000 degrees Celsius. The mini-data-center also protects from dangers like corrosive gases, explosion or extinguishing water. On top of that it provides certified protection from dust, debris loads as well as vandalism. Through additional equipment features like early fire detection and extinguishing systems the DC-ITSafe is a stand-alone safe.  The implemented cooling unit is redundant and, as DX inverter technology with performance levels, modifiable from 1.6 to 8.1 kilowatt. On less than two square meters it can store up to 62 height units – 50 horizontally and 12 vertically.

Due to a patented “click” assembly technology the safe can be flexibly extended by linking modules or disassembled if needed. Paar: “We used this technique for our company and connected two of those safes in series. The DC-ITSafe enhances our security level immensely. Even on the inside because it has another distinctive feature, the entry control of the double-wing door system, which enables protection from burglary and unauthorized access by non-removable swing bolts and self-locking doors.” Those are equipped with a multiple automatic locking system with two swing fasteners including sealing elements and one lock and latch each. At the same time the housing provides protection from eavesdropping operations and radiation.
Furthermore, the rack has an anti-burglary protection RC 2 for tool engagement portion according to EN 1630. The lock system conforms to the VdS class B, but can be replaced by an electronic card reader or a PIN code terminal. “All in all, with the safe, we have a unique selling proposition as a professional IT service provider with a high security standard in the region Siegen”, concludes Paar.


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