Sustainable and innovative: To satisfy cross-industry customer requirements

Lighthouse project: DATA CENTER GROUP implements highly-modern and eco-friendly data center for PBIT Systeme and push digital schools, eGovernment, smart health solutions and industry 4.0.

PBIT Systeme Data Center

PBIT Systeme, located in Cottbus, aims to simplify their clients' IT operation and to implement the individual process requirements using state-of-the-art technologies in an efficient and future-proof manner. Beside smart IT solutions, individually adjusted to customer-specific requirements, digitization requires above all one thing: A secure and dynamic data processing and storage in a stable and cost-efficient infrastructure. Ensuring this is the company's quality standard. Therefore, PBIT Systeme is now also the operator of a sustainable, state-of-the-art in Cottbus planned and implemented by DATA CENTER GROUP's experts.


During the realization of the data center in Brandenburg, the decision for the expertise of DATA CENTER GROUP. "With the start of the tender we talked to many companies offering data center solutions as well, but the requirements were never sufficient for the Brandenburg data center. Finally, we did some online research and found DATA CENTER GROUP. In addition to this, we have obtained additional experience reports of working with DCG", reports Kay Sander, managing director PBIT Systeme.

pbit Serverraum

Highest security and availability of sensitive data

The data center is directly supplied with power from the redundant medium-voltage ring of the city of Cottbus. Two different medium-voltage lines (MSP) with cross-free routing up to the medium-voltage main distribution (MSHV) serve as the primary power source. Downstream of the MSHV, the internal power paths are also redundantly routed. In the event of a power failure, fully redundant uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and an emergency power supply (NEA) absorb fluctuations and thus guarantee high availability.


The new data center will primarily house public-sector clients, specialist procedures, school IT, e-government infrastructure or hosting. With all these challenges come high security regulations and data security requirements. In addition, however, customers from industry and the healthcare sector will also use the data center services.


Eco-friendly power supply via photovoltaic system

500 square meters of south-facing solar surface on the roof and facade supply the Brandenburg data center with self-generated solar power. In the future, the expansion of further solar surfaces on the data center area is planned.

The Brandenburg data center is being cooled with outdoor air via redundant, indirect free cooling. Up to an outdoor temperature of 24 °C the server technology can be operated in an eco-friendly manner in a well-tempered environment via indirect free cooling. 

pbit Serverschrank

In case of temperature increase outside of the data center over 24 °C, high-performing, climate-neutral cooling machines, equipped with the cooling device water, go into action. The availability of customer data is in the focus of all planning options for an efficient and sustainable data center operation. Redundant fiberglass connections ensure a stable and highly-available access at any time.

"This project is a lighthouse project in Brandenburg in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency", underlines Michél Düring, DCG consultant. As a pioneer and user of such technologies, data center operator PBIT Systeme is taking a special path that points the way forward for other projects."


Comprehensive protection for the complete IT infrastructure

The data center's preventative fire protection concept ensures that a fire cannot even occur. The protection of customer data is one of the top priorities to PBIT Systeme. Therefore, the data center is secured by a multi-phase concept at any time. The server technology – the core – is surrounded by 4 protective areas. Additionally, all data center systems are constantly observed by a monitoring system. The alert and energy management provide the central collection, monitoring, analysis and evaluation of all decisive measured values that are relevant for the data center's supply and operation.

"With DATA CENTER GROUP, we have found the right partner to provide our customers with sustainable, highly-secure and future-proof protection of their data", emphasizes Kay Sander.

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