QITS GmbH, Ratingen

High-Availability Data Center with an ECB•S-Certified High Security Room 

proRZ realized an entire high-availability data center (TIER 3+) with an ECB•S-certified high security room as an indoor solution with several technology-design-modules in just four months. 

The QITS GmbH, located in Ratingen, is a leading medium-sized IT service and system house and an important part of the international ADCO group. Since two decades, it's specialized in taking over business-critical document applications, business process outsourcing, 

private cloud service, IT-logistics and processing of highly sensitive mass data within their own DataSafe. The company registers a sustainable, profitable growth with yearly increments. More than 120 QITS experts consult and supervise content customers in the public sector, trade, energy as well as the finance and insurance industry. Everyday, QITS tries to make its customers even more successful. A special focus is on the regional SMEs and customer relationship means a partnership at eye level.


Dennis Spies
Dominik Spies
November 2015 until February 2016
ca. 350 m²
ca. 100 m²


Core Competence: Management of Complex IT-Processes

The portfolio includes the company-wide flow of information and documents. QITS supervises the branch-specific business processes of its customers from analyses of the environment and choice of the best components to a customized implementation of the entire output-management. In Ratingen, QITS has a unique technological 

range with a focus on secure data processing within the QITS DataSafe, intelligent document applications, IT-logistics via data hub as well as digital printing in black/white and color. Each year, more than 150 million individualized document pages for business partners in the different branches are manufactured and the QITS DataSafe allows managed services in the private cloud. 

Customer specific IT-processes are supported by scalable services and defined interfaces to the user. QITS Private Cloud Services meet the highest standards for security and availability. Highly sensitive business information and security-relevant applications are protected at any time - efficient, economical, flexible and transparent. 


"Planning and realizing the QITS DataSafe entirely with the DATA CENTER GROUP was the right choice. The cooperation with the POCs of proRZ was perfect in the crucial aspects."

Kai Wenzke (Head of Department Data Center, QITS GmbH)

The company's growth caused a higher data volume at QITS as well as increased data traffic and significantly increased security demands, especially for the sectors bank and insurance. In order to guarantee the highest standards, QITS designed a new data center with the security of a safe. The first step to a realization was an audit of SECUrisk. It showed that a new data center would bring significant advantages for QITS. The relevant criteria were memory availability, higher capacities, increased energy efficiency,

idealized room exploitation and cost improvement through lower electricity consumption. The decision by QITS to build a new data center was made regarding these points. SECUrisk brought the DATA CENTER GROUP into the equation and because of the very good and competent exchange with its manager Ralf Siefen, the new data center was planned and realized by proRZ. Planning began in autumn 2015 and the project, an entire highly available IT data center as an indoor solution with several technology modules, was realized within the next four months. 

The total area of the QITS DataSafe with integrated conference area for presentations and trainings is 350 m². The GranITe-room as a highly-available room system with an ECB•S-certification (DIN 1047-2) has a total area of 70 m², including the optics package. One of the unique features is the entire technical infrastructure that is class 3 high-available 24*7 TÜV-certified (certified data center) and hence, has a comprehensive and professional security concept. 


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