Professional "all-round renovation" of the data center

The RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH & Co. KG stands for the production of chains of all kinds. At first sight, the company is more likely to be known to the general public as a producer of snow chains for vehicles, but the largest business area is chains as slings. 

he project envisaged a kind of “complete overhaul” of the data centers. The security and availability of data as well as energy efficiency and sustainability have top priority for RUD. In order to be well prepared for the future, it was decided to build a new data center. Initial considerations to outsource the data center were not feasible due to the furnace control for the blast furnaces and would probably have been too risky.


"The project was implemented professionally and without any problems."


The advantage of working with the generalist DataCenterGroup quickly became apparent here. Because the specialists of the SECUrisk division, who were called in on an interdisciplinary basis, can provide support in the search for and assessment of the location. The price-performance ratio of the DataCenterGroup convinced the customer and the security team was able to convince Denis Mittelbach (Head of Infrastructure) with his know-how in advance. Based on this and because of the good price-performance ratio, the decision was made in favor of the IT specialists from Wallmenroth.

The DC-ITSafe with 62 height units of RZProducts is the "nucleus" for the new data center. The two security safes in Aalen form the main data center of the RUD, in which the servers for administration and production run. In some cases, hybrid cloud solutions are also used. There are also data centers at the locations in England and Romania. The mini data center, the DC-ITSafe, was the ideal solution in this case because it enabled the project to be implemented quickly within two weeks. A quick project implementation was very important to RUD, because a failure of the IT would have fatal consequences, since in the worst case the entire production would come to a standstill. Therefore, the two safes were set up redundantly to each other and networked with each other via two redundant connections. The entire installation took place during operation.

The two DC ITSafes form the new data center. There are also still free capacities. The newly created form of the data center is flexible and can be expanded quickly. The electrical work was done by RUD. A UPS and an emergency power supply system were available and were integrated into the project. The implementation went quickly and convinced the customer. The solution designed and implemented by the DataCenterGroup is energy-efficient and ensures maximum security. Because the integrated monitoring solution, the DCM agent, monitors fault and status messages. At RUD, you are ideally positioned for the future.

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