100 Jahre Treuhand

100 years of Treuhand: A new data center to mark the anniversary

Treuhand Weser-Ems-GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft wishes for a redundant system. The wish is fulfilled just in time for the birthday celebration.

Treuhand Weser-Ems-GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft is an owner-operated company specializing in the following areas

• auditing
• tax consulting
• legal advice
• management consulting and
• IT consulting

Treuhand operates in Germany at the locations Bremen, Oldenburg and Wildeshausen. In 2022, the company will celebrate its 100th birthday. The service provider has also been working in the international environment for many years.

As a consulting company, Treuhand gains deep insights into sensitive figures and data of its clientele. Treuhand therefore attaches great importance to data security and data availability.

In 2017, the company developed an IT strategy paper with measures for the next five years. In addition to replacing the entire server landscape and all cabling, the top priority in the paper is to build a redundant system.

Ralf Feldkamp, Administration & IT Manager
Ralf Feldkamp, Administration & IT Manager

„We considered weather we affiliate with another data center or create our own resource,“ says Ralf Feldkamp, Head of Administration and IT at Treuhand, looking back at the beginning 1ft he planning process. Treuhand decides in favor of ist own data center solution. This is where the Data Center Group (DCG) comes into play.


Via a public announcment, Treuhand is looking for a suitable service provider to plan and install a redundant system on a greenfield site. The company decides in favor of DCG's offer.

Treuhand wants a backup data center in a container. The company expects a redundant system to provide greater reliability and security for its daily business processes. Since Treuhand has its own internal IT experts, some necessary steps could already be planned in advance.

DCG is taking care of other things, such as the installation of an air conditioning system or preparations for the installation of a charging station for electric cars on the company premises.

DCG is also planning all cable ducts and connections as well as the entire interior of the container. The result will be a modern and efficient system with new cables, clusters, switches or VxRails.

Security and system availability are indispensable for Treuhand. Because at a consulting firm like Treuhand, nothing runs without IT anymore. "All business processes run via the data center like our central DATEV program, time recording, Outlook and our telephone system," says IT Manager Ralf Feldkamp, listing a few key points.

Therefore, DCG focussed particually on the stability of the entire system during the preparatory planning. Treuhand uses a so-called digital document management tool - DMS for short. If the IT were to fail, everything would come to a standstill because all of the client's files would not be available.

Treuhand Data Center
Treuhand Data Center

DCG will start implementation at the end of 2021. Due to the situation on the international supply markets - a consequence of Corona - there will initially be bottlenecks. Treuhand has set a fixed time frame, but this also includes buffer times.

At the beginning of May 2022, the container and all other components arrived at the DCG site in Wallmenroth. The interior work is carried out almost completely in the Westerwald. Just under three weeks later, the work is completed. A special transport service takes care of the transfer of the container to Oldenburg.

About 85 percent of the work on the container has already been done before delivery to the customer. The remaining things are taken care of by the DCG specialists on location, such as the installation of the air conditioning system, all measurement work, and setting up the door.

The decline of the container will take place as early as June 17, 2022. Despite the external delivery bottlenecks, DCG met the specified schedule and completed the project quickly.

DCG is also responsible for the cabling and connection of the charging station on the Treuhand site for its own e-car fleet. Treuhand is only waiting for approval from the local electricity provider. Then the electric cars can be charged at the office building.

The setup and installation of the redundant system have also been completed in the meantime. Treuhand also had to contend with supply bottlenecks when purchasing the hardware. Otherwise, this work would also have been completed by now and the alternative data center would be on the network.

The 100th anniversary of the Treuhand went off as planned in the summer of 2022. Thanks to the expeditious work of DCG, there was no sign of construction work on the site in front of the container.

The overall verdict of IT manager Ralf Feldkamp is therefore positive: "DCG has absolute core competence in the planning and construction of data centers. All project participants know what needs to be done at all times. We received quick answers to our inquiries and valuable help. If we at Treuhand have further expansion needs for our data centers in the future, the first place I call is DCG."

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