New data center meets maximum quality and security requirement

With over 10,000 employees in 70 countries TÜV NORD GROUP is one of the world’s leading technology support services with its roots going back to 1869. Few other companies have stood for the security and protection of people as much as them. The concern can be broken down into the business divisions industry, service, mobility, education, raw materials, aerospace and IT. For TÜV NORD GROUP the IT field represents an important part of the concern. A total of 185 employees work in this area – and counting. The accumulated knowledge of our well-trained team is also needed because all the processes of around 100 global subsidiaries are supported from the concern’s center in Hanover.

TÜV NORD GROUP used to operate in various IT landscapes in the three main locations in Germany as well as in foreign countries. As part of the restructuring of internal processes, the IT was rearranged. At this point the technology service provider decided to centralise its IT. Today TÜV NORD GROUP runs a highly available data center in Hanover. “We pay particular attention to a high degree of virtualization,” says Leroy Racette, IT division leader and adds: “This amounts to over 75% and is consequently leading in Germany.” By restructuring and with the new building, the company has managed to reduce its IT costs by 30% since 2010. And that’s despite an increase in services. 

The aim was to construct a data center which wins people over with its future viability and protects sensitive client data to the best of ist ability. The calculations show that by pooling all of the processes into one single location the ROI will be reached in less than 5 years. When looking for a competent planning partner for this important project, Leroy Racette decided on proRZ (a division of the DATA CENTER GROUP): “We knew the company because we had worked together many times as part of the TÜViT Trusted Site Certification. So we already knew about the quality of the services.”


After the preliminary planning stage, the realisation of the new build gradually took shape. “As part of the detailed planning, proRZ took factors such as wiring, equipment options and other trades into consideration,” said Racette.

Once the implementation was ultimately rubber stamped by management, proRZ, with its team of architects, electrical and climate designers as well as fire protection specialists with close collaboration from the TÜV NORD GROUP, took over the detailed planning and delivered an exact schedule for the implementation.

This was finally carried out by a local general contractor. The good preparation ultimately meant that the TÜV NORD GROUP stayed below under the estimated budget and the project was completed within the agreed time frame.




New data center meets maximum quality and security requirement

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