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The DC IT Safe as an uncomplicated alternative to cost-intensive conversion measures
References | 01.06.2016

Under the umbrella of AVEA, almost all recycling and disposal options are offered from a single source. The services range from waste collection and transport to treatment and disposal. AVEA ensures long-term waste disposal security in the Bergisches Land and Leverkusen regions.

AVEA's IT department operates two server rooms at the Leverkusen site, which are redundant to each other. During a fire inspection in 2015, it was determined that the server rooms do not have the requirements regarding fireproof doors and partitioning of the server rooms from one another. In addition, some supply lines (heating, cold/hot water) are also located in the server rooms. This leads to not inconsiderable risks that could only have been remedied by structural measures to the rooms or by setting up an IT safe.

"By setting up a certified IT safe, we were able to keep all elementary risks (fire, water, dust, air conditioning, burglary) away from our IT infrastructure without having to carry out cost-intensive structural measures. The solution with the DC IT Safe was the only right decision for us, because we are now able to rebuild the whole server landscape in a new and structured way. Starting with a rough concept and the support of the Data Center Group for the site selection and design of an IT safe up to the detailed planning and implementation. Here we very quickly realized that we were working with professionals. The agreements were kept, the deadlines were binding and small deviations were communicated immediately. Even during the construction phase, when two more bulkheads had to be installed in the floor of the DC IT Safe, the Data Center Group immediately looked for a solution and the problem was solved immediately. Everything was implemented to our satisfaction and the construction took place on schedule, so that we were able to move with the entire server infrastructure in one weekend. We are glad that we made the right decision and are considering when to equip the second server room with a DC IT Safe" Axel Pöppe, Head of IT


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