Bruno Bock - "Our data must be available around the clock"

Data Center Group implements efficient and sustainable IT infrastructures
References | 01.12.2022

The Bruno Bock Group is the leading supplier of high-quality sulfur products for cosmetic applications, cleaners, paints and coatings, adhesives as well as plastics and other chemicals. The Group operates two sites in Marschacht in Germany and in Waterloo in the USA to optimally serve market requirements and provide a reliable supply chain to customers worldwide. Responsibility for people and environment is a central element in Bruno Bock's value system and strategy. In addition, corporate social responsibility is becoming increasingly important for the Group in relation to the entire global supply chain.

"Our data must always be available, because a failure would be fatal and, in the worst case, we would have a production shutdown," emphasizes Daniel Beutler, operations engineer at Bruno Bock. For this reason, Bruno Bock was looking for a company that could implement a new, up-to-date and, above all, sustainable IT infrastructure for the company. The previous premises for IT no longer met the requirements and therefore needed to be replaced with a future-proof and fail-safe infrastructure protection. "The company has grown constantly, continues to grow, and the IT infrastructure must adapt flexibly to this process in order to meet our requirements," reports IT manager Fridhelm Wünnecke. In addition, they also wanted to meet the requirement that the servers be housed on the second floor to be protected from water penetration. That's why a new, highly available and secure solution was needed to ensure IT protection and avoid downtime.

Wünnecke and his colleague Beutler have been with the company for many years and know the IT infrastructure inside out. The company grew constantly and with this development, the requirements in this area and the overall data volumes also continued to increase. In addition to internal company data, both customer data and production data must be reliably protected, emphasizes Beutler. Likewise, factors such as redundancy, air conditioning, fire protection, physical access protection and, of course, the sustainability aspect played an important role in the planning of the data center, he points out.  

"We were looking for a sustainable and secure solution," reports IT manager Wünnecke in conversation with the DC Mag editorial team. "We had already become aware of the Data Center Group via a visit to the it-sa trade fair a few years earlier. We were already very interested in the product at that time at the trade fair and were immediately convinced by the Micro Data Center solution, the red DC IT Safe. The safe is extremely robust and has an efficient and particularly sustainable energy management, which was an important factor for us in order to be well positioned here as well. Fire and access protection are also guaranteed with this solution. The fact that we also received individual and professional advice ultimately prompted us to make the purchase decision."

The planning and installation by DCG went smoothly overall. Just a structural adjustment had to be made in the existing building in the form of a T-beam construction to ensure the load-bearing capacity of the DC IT safe. Only a few weeks passed from the first meeting to the implementation of the installation. "The cooperation with DCG was very professional and trustworthy. We were in constant communication exchange and felt very well looked after and expertly advised by our DCG contact persons, above all sales engineer Martin Jung. Therefore, we also decided to use the services of DCG's service business unit in terms of maintenance.


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