Holistic analysis for future-proof data centers

Data center construction - but done right. Feasibility study and sound site analysis as a basis for innovative and long-lasting projects
News | 12.05.2022

Finding the right location for a planned data center is a demanding task and requires a comprehensive and targeted analysis. Many parameters and influencing factors must be considered and cross-sectoral action must be taken.

General factors are often overlooked, such as the dangers that can arise from traffic routes or ground conditions. In addition to location, factors such as connectivity and energy supply must also be examined. The consultants of Data Center Consulting know that these and many other parameters must be observed comprehensively.

The requirement of the location search for planned data center projects is - above all - to get a 360-degree view of the potential dangers and risks but also the chances of the most different locations. Professional analysis is used to generate possible site proposals for a data center project. A selection criteria catalog for data center locations from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) provides important information. The factors relevant to the selection of a location when planning a new data center regarding high and maximum availability are covered by Data Center Group’s specially created criteria catalog including security aspects and unrestricted availability. The experts' many years of experience based on successfully realized projects is definitely an advantage in the location analysis.

The project development of data centers requires a well-founded feasibility study. This provides, among other things: Environment analysis, development analysis, market analysis, rough concept as well as a solid, adaptable and transparent business plan. "One of our daily challenges is to generate all the necessary information for our analysis and to develop a concept based on it", says Fabian Buda (Consultant, Data Center Consulting).

Holistic thinking along the value chain

When decisions are to be made, facts are needed. To this end, DCG's consultants comprehensively document the conditions under which the project can be implemented. With the help of a feasibility study, the consultants develop the IT and data center strategy according to the customer's requirements. Location factors, such as a development plan, are included in the considerations and a rough concept is developed from this. All considerations are documented - whether existing buildings or new construction, or whether the requirements can be developed at the desired location. The various opportunities and risks,
as well as possibilities for energy connection and connectivity, are put through their paces.This is possible because DCG covers the entiredata center project development value chain. 

This includes the complete analysis, planning, construction, operation and certification of data centers. The experts know exactly where to start in order to provide an accurate analysis. All potential sources of danger must be included and weighed. With the site analysis, the team delivers proposals that are worked out down to the smallest detail and prepared ready for
decision-making. This enables potential risks to be identified directly and unpleasant surprises to be avoided in the future. In times of digital transformation and increasing volumes of data, the developments of Industry 4.0, and ever larger projects, the demands on IT infrastructures are also constantly rising. The consultants have their finger right on the pulse and keep an eye on all standards to develop a future-proof best-practice solution.

"We think holistically. That's why we first get to know the customer and his industry in detail and find out about his needs. For example, does he want to operate an in-housedata center or does he want to implement a colocation data center? We determine the required size of the data center and examine the potential risks at the site. To do this, we prepare a comprehensive environmental analysis and check factors such as earthquake risk, temperature conditions, risk of lightning, potentially attack-prone objects in the immediate radius, heavy rainfall, traffic routes, etc.

On this basis, we investigate what measures are required to reduce the risks to an acceptable level. It is also important to consider the site according to the criteria of economic energy supply. In our development analysis, we check whether connectivity can be provided economically, which carriers are represented, transfer points, bandwidth, etc. This includes substations, line lengths as well as redundant paths. The preparation of a business plan is also part of our work scope. This always depends on the model the customer prefers, for example, own operation, joint venture, leasing, SEP model (turnkey construction with integrated planning service), etc. Here, we benefit from our know-how based on numerous successfully implemented projects", emphasizes Michael Wörster, Consultant at Data Center Group.

Professional analysis is the key to well-founded planning

Transport connections and electrical supply are important issues, as are short latency times. The availability of public media must be checked and, if necessary, ensured by means of on-site technology. Future-oriented sustainable concepts such as the use of waste heat from a data center have already been implemented in many Data Center Group projects. With its own "Blue Angel" auditors, the Group has the necessary expertise for environmental data center certification. The Data Center Group experts know: Only on the basis of a well-founded and foresighted planning a future-oriented, innovative and sustainable data center can be created.

The consultants show which data center solution is the right one. "Well analyzed is half built: From consulting and planning to professional implementation of concepts and individual services, Data Center Group covers the entire spectrum of the value chain related to the security of on-site IT infrastructures. The expertise of our consultants lays the foundation for durable and innovative data center solutions", highlights Ralf Siefen (CEO DCG).

Source: Kriterien für die Standortwahl von Rechenzentren (BSI)


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