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Double strength: WESTPOLE BENELUX and RZproducts bundle their expertise

Partnership RZProducts West Pole

With a strong network of partners, RZproducts goes full steam ahead into the future. The new partner WESTPOLE BENELUX is the perfect supplement for this growing network.


With more than 30 years of experience in the management of complex IT environments, WESTPOLE BENELUX with various locations in Europe helps companies, both private and public to scale up the Digital Transformation path. The portfolio includes a combination of Hybrid Technologies, Managed Services, EIM solutions and High-level Professionals.

West Pole Partnership

”With RZproducts we have found a partner with the same DNA”, reports Daniel Braun, Senior Key Accounts Manager at WESTPOLE. “Our common focus lies on projects in specific markets such as healthcare and industry 4.0., public services, and enterprise clients. Our passion for IT and IT- infrastructure combined with our great market experience and our strategical know-how makes the difference for our clients. We are aware of the challenges on the market and think ahead to the future.”

RZproducts develops security solutions for critical IT infrastructures that stand for the passion for the production of efficient and high availability high-end products. Both, WESTPOLE and RZproducts, are passionate about research, creating solutions and technical progress. The RZ product range offers highly certified datacenter products for the physical protection of any critical IT-infrastructure. It is common practice for both companies to identify and evaluate any physical risk threatening IT (not only cyber but also physical, such as fire, water, dust…) and part of the compliance and security practice to implement prevention measures and physical solutions.

“With our bundled expertise and know-how, we can start a new chapter of success, embrace innovation and shape the future together“, adds Jörgen Venot, Head of Sales and Marketing at RZproducts, the Product Division of the German DATA CENTER GROUP.




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