Tomorrow´s cooling technology in today´s DC-ITSafes


DC-ITSafe already with alternative refrigerant R32

The DC-ITSafe, topseller of RZproducts, is now also available with the refrigerant R32. RZ-Products GmbH, a fully owned subsidiary of the DATA CENTER GROUP, a leading company in Germany for the planing and delivery of datacenters, therefore responds to both the new F-90 refrigeration gas Regulation, and the market demand for responsible technical choices.

In conjunction with the implementation of the EU climate targets and considering global warming, the German legislator passed the F-Gas (refrigeration) Regulation in 2015. This will move air-conditioning system operators to use climate-friendly alternatives to F-Gases: by 7 steps from 100 percent in 2015 to 21 percent in 2030. Nine out of ten air conditioning systems in data centers are currently affected.

At present, industry standards R410A, R404A or R570A are commonly used. The F-Gas Regulation increases procurement costs while reducing production volumes, creating an artificial shortage of refrigerant. Three years ago 1 kg R410A still costs 15 euros per kilo, currently the price has already tripled up to 45 euros per kg. Market experts agree that the costs will be doubled until 2030 again.

Therefore, RZproducts already offers the DC-ITSafe with the alternative refrigerant R32 and thus fulfils the requirements for future-proof IT security solutions. The DC-ITSafe is EI90 fire-resistant conform to EN 1363-1 and the only compact mini data center in the World that fulfils the EN 1047-2 limits for more than 40 minutes. "It also withstands all other physical dangers. These include not only protection against fire, gas or explosion, but also protection against extinguishing water, vandalism and eavesdropping or radiation. Based on its special access protection, the plug-and-play solution is suitable as a Mini-Data-Center for SMEs as well as an edge datacenter solution in special application areas", says Martin Hüsch, Technical Director of RZproducts.




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