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Berliner Wasserbetriebe
Berliner Wasserbetriebe
Berliner Wasserbetriebe

Green IT on Green Meadows


DATA CENTER GROUP Builds Modular Data Center for Berliner Wasserbetriebe.

The Berliner Wasserbetriebe is Germany’s leading water company and can look back on a 160-year-old history. As operator of critical infrastructures is it affected by the IT-security-law (IT-SiG) and needs to install information security management systems (ISMS). Hence, the new high-speed data center had to meet high security standards. Further defined goals with a high priority were eco-friendliness, availability and energy efficiency.

The former data center of BWB was overdesigned and not very energetic due to the voluminous technology. Hence, the people in charge of IT decided to construct a new high-speed data center on the “green” meadow. The company looked for a partner with sustainable solutions within the law through a tendering and the DATA CENTER GROUP got the job in the end. The team around Gerd Klinke, the IT-manager of BWB, who has been with the company for 14 years, looked at already realized projects of the DATA CENTER GROUP and was content with the results. 

„We already knew the DATA CENTER GROUP from previous cooperation. What convinced us, though, was the solution of flexibility, security, energy efficiency and sustainability all in one. The modular construction of the security products of the subsidiary RZproducts was particularly interesting. At last, we discussed individual options with the experts of the general contractor. We wanted to have a partner that could plan, construct and operate from a single source. Another essential factor for this project was the short construction cycle,” says Klinke.

DC-ITRoom QuarzITe

Both planning and the project schedule proceeded quickly. The new data center consists of a room-in-room solution based on the DC-ITRoom QuarzITe. It is designed to fit into an existing building and to be modularly expandable to any size. The fire-proof and temperature-proof structure of sturdy materials, seals and insulating panels withstands an intense flaming without leaving any technical damage on the object.

Technical rooms and an energy-efficient cooling solution are part of the solution. In case of a blackout the emergency standby power system (ESPS) takes over the supply of security-relevant loads with electric energy. Regarding the monitoring, the DCM Agent ensures transparency about the key figures of the IT-infrastructures, plain processes and defined alerting procedures for malfunctions. Hence, the demanded redundancy and failure safety are taken care of.
Generally, QuarzITe is EI 90 system-tested and certified according to EN 13501-2 and EN 1363-1. Moreover, the solution offers component testing EI 120 for walls and ceilings according to the standards EN 13501-2 and EN 1636-1, both from the inside out and the other way around.

Measures for the protection of burglary complement the range of services of this room-in-room solution. Thus, the general QuarzITe security package includes a system audit for burglar resistance RC2 according to EN 1627/1630. Furthermore, the DC-ITRoom has an EMC-screen-attenuation according to EN 50147-1, which can be expanded by DC-ITShielding. The solution is a tested and precise high-frequency-shell which protects the IT-rooms and IT-equipment from electric and magnetic perturbation as well as the emission of information. 

Structural IT-protection is given by the system audit regarding dust and water imperviousness IP 65 according to EN 60529, which includes 400 mm of water over 72 hours. On top of that, the room-in-room solution is subject to the threefold ball impact according to DIN 4102-2.

Blue Angel and Green IT

Klinke says, „ As a critical infrastructure according to the IT-security-law, we focus especially on high security and availability of the entire IT-system. The requirements of the “Blue Angel” for an energy-conscious operation of data centers were applied and met during the assessment of the energy and resource efficiency. Moreover, the new data center meets the requirements of a TÜViT-Level-3 certification.

With the integrated Green-IT technology, the IT of Berliner Wasserbetriebe contributes to the CO2-reduction in order to reach the climate goals of the company. The energy consumption was reduced sustainably by an intelligent cooling and power concept as well as the use of energy-saving hard and software-components.

In the end, two more companies placed their servers on the data center area. “A futuristic colocation-model that includes a win-win situation. Companies can store their IT safely without having to make an infrastructure on their own,” says Klinke. “The DATA CENTER GROUP was with us through the entire project as a competent partner and was available for all questions during the process. The close coordination and good communication already proved that we had found the right partner in the construction phase. The outcome confirms this.” Klinke’s summary: “It is a great concept that convinced us all the way through the planning, realization and after its complementation.”

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