The high performance data center of tomorrow


DCG created the module for the high-performance data centre of tomorrow for a customer project. This is an exclusive solution to supply a server rack with 47 height units with a total of 60 kW power. This makes the system suitable for the latest generation of GPU servers of 2 kW per U with a utilisation of 75 %.

Hochleistungsrechnenzentrum von Morgen

The electrical supply

The electrical supply is provided by means of a redundant A/B path. On each path, 60 kW of power can be drawn off via two 5-pole 63A CEE sockets. This means that 4 CEE sockets are installed per rack. A total of 4 PDUs (power distribution units) per rack supply the IT components. All IT systems are supplied by a battery-backed undervoltage supply.


The cold supply

The problem with the very high-power density is the dissipation of the generated heat. In order to be able to dissipate the power of 60 kW per rack, directly water-cooled server systems are provided. These water-cooled systems can dissipate 45 kW per rack. The remaining 15 kW are heat losses generated by the air-cooled server power supply units. This 15 kW is tempered by a rear cooling door on the server cabinet. In order to enable a water-cooled server system, special heat exchangers are required that form an interface between infrastructure and IT. These heat exchangers are called manifolds. These manifolds are divided into a warm and a cold side (supply/return). This enables IT hardware to be connected and disconnected without special equipment, without shutting down and by any IT specialist, without the formation of a water drop. CDUs (cooling distribution units) are used to ensure that the standard cooling network and the special IT cooling network are kept clean. The CDUs are supplied with a water temperature of up to 40°C, so that free cooling is possible almost all year round.


The rack installation

The racks are installed on a rack frame developed by DCG. This can support IT loads of up to 1.5t with safety supports. This rack is flexibly expandable and allows media to be installed on the floor below the racks, leaving a clean image of the server room.

Fabian Buda

Fabian Buda
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