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Latest generation of IT-Room shielding solution: the RZproducts' IT room Shielding solution offers maximum protection for all sensitive and critical data centers.

Shielding Data Center

Today, the protection of sensitive data and critical IT infrastructures no longer concerns only large corporations or cross-industry institutions such as telecommunications and finance, but also governments and the defense sector. Increasingly, the SME’s (Small and Mid Size Enterprise) are also threatened by the issue. It is becoming clear that electronic espionage and data theft is becoming an ever greater threat to the IT infrastructure and core business of companies and institutions worldwide. The resulting damage is immense. According to the Federation of German Industries (BDI)*, around 88% of the more than 100.000 private enterprises they represent, were affected by data theft, industrial espionage or sabotage in 2020 and 2021. An alarming figure that clearly shows the importance of protecting digital infrastructure and the priority it should have for public institutions and private companies.

Comprehensive protection for sensitive data

The Products Business Unit of the German DATA CENTER GROUP (DCG), RZproducts, offers with its "Data Center Shielding" (DCS) of the latest generation a tested, proven and precisely tailored IT room shielding solution for data centers. This solution has been specially designed to protect against natural influences and EMP attacks (Electro Magnetic Pulse). The high-frequency enclosure protects critical IT rooms and IT equipment from electrical and/or magnetic interference from the outside and the radiation of information from the inside – literally a Faraday cage for data centers.

The right solution for your IT protection

Shielding provides targeted defense against EMP threats for complete rooms and IT equipment. Data Center Shielding is offered in different variants: The shielding security can have a choice of 60, 80 and 100 dB. RZproducts guarantees shielding attenuation up to 40 GHz. Customers can choose from the Data Center Shielding portfolio according to their requirements and intended use. The entry-level model DCS 60 forms the basic protection. DCS 80 with high availability protection and DCS 100 with maximum availability protection are the choice for sensitive facilities with the highest need for security.

DataCenter Shielding offers the right room shielding solution for every security room, SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) room and IT infrastructure that requires this level of protection. It offers perfect protection against potential espionage attacks and electronic attacks as well as natural electronic spikes (e.g. lightning).

DC IT Shielding

Modular design for unlimited flexibility

The construction of the Data Center Shielding consists of specially designed steel sheet parts with a thickness of two millimeters. The modular design was also a key factor in the development process. This helps with customization on site and enables the shielding solution to be precisely tailored to the customer's needs, regardless of the spatial conditions.

The electromagnetic shielding is equally suitable for use in IT security rooms, outdoor containers and for safeguarding complete buildings. The advantages of the solution are obvious: further to the core parameters, it also offers increased intrusion protection in combination with further security products such as the DC-IT Room ECB-S certified solution. The solution can be scalable and provides investment security through its modularity. The modular design of the shielding solutions ensures optimal IT Room protection according to highly technical specifications.

Increased intrusion protection for maximum security

"Our Data Center Shielding solutions can be combined with the proven benefits of the ECB-S room-in-room solutions of RZproducts, in order to provide the greatest possible protection to critical IT rooms against potential threats such as espionage, fire, or intrusion," emphasizes Jörgen Venot (Head of Marketing and of Product Sales).

Jörgen Venot

The DC-IT Shielding products meet the specifications of Tempest** (Tempest: American standard for protection against compromising radiation of EDP equipment; EDP: electronic data processing) and/or Van Eck Phreaking (technique for electromagnetic espionage in which unattended electromagnetic radiation is received). ***

This means that data centers, IT, server and meeting rooms, as well as SCIF rooms, are additionally protected against electromagnetic espionage and offer the highest level of eavesdropping security. This is also ensured by the access locks and patented shielding doors and gates as well as shielding windows.

technical information

  • shielding attenuation values (guaranteed) up to 40 GHz
  • modular construction with 2 millimeter thick galvanized sheet steel modules
  • individual panel dimensions: max. 1500 millimeter width and 50 millimeter depth
  • system tested according to EN 50147-1, NSA 65-6, IEEE-STD 299 (MIL-STD 285)
    Compliance with Tempest, NSA 65-2, Nato standards

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