DC-ITRoom GranITe: RC3-Test passed!


Your IT components were exposed to physical dangers day by day. Current burglary is a quite common threat.

Bulgary test - Passed!

No chance for burglar!

Czech Republic – 2016/11
At the accredited testing institute near Prague, an experienced tester for burglary tried to open the DC-ITRoom GranITe - and failed! The DC-ITRoom GranITe by RZproducts passed all tests based on the European engineer standards EN 1627, 1628, 1629 and 1630 and is the first IT room worldwide which received the RC-3-certificate.

Your benefits:
· a high level, certified burglary protection
· reduced insurance conditions
· tested in accordance with the latest technical standard of the European Union
The DC-ITRoom GranITe protects your IT infrastructure from burglary!





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