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Shareholder structure reloaded: DC-Datacenter-Group GmbH consequently prepares expansion strategy

Ralf Siefen Data Center Group

The management of the DC-Datacenter-Group GmbH recently informed about an essential change within the shareholder structure: "I have transferred my shareholder shares to MVV on 30th of June 2021. This decision was based on careful consideration and many amicable negotiations. Thus, the MVV Enamic GmbH will be the sole 100 % shareholder of the DC-Datacenter-Group GmbH from 1st of July 2021" said managing shareholder Ralf Siefen.

"We made this decision together in the firm conviction that this step sets the right course for the future against the background of the company group‘s further future strategic orientation, the continuous growth and, of course, not at least the safeguarding of jobs. The number of major projects such as our very successfull major project Main DC Offenbach, Duisburg and many others is constantly increasing. Also the sector of service data centers already occupies a considerable, strategically important position within the DCG. Especially in this sector we are looking straight forward to continuing to grow and develop many interesting but at the same time challenging projects, both in view of financial and personnel terms,"

According to Ralf Siefen the company wants to take advantage of these opportunities for corporate offered by the continuously changing market for corporate development and growth. The DCG’s strategy is being consequently aligned to this goal. At the same time this process requires the company's structures to be adapted to these changes.

The DCG success story continues

”I did not easily decide to sell my shares. Anyone who knows me knows how much passion I personally put into building and expanding our company as the founder of DCG in order to achieve what we are today. Of course the road to success was sometimes rocky and covered with many obstacles. With annual sales of almost 100 million EUR we are now the leader in the German data center market. I am particularly proud of this - as well as of the great DCG team which has accompanied me on this path over the years and which has played a significant role in this success story."

Of course, he wants to and will continue to contribute to this future by remaining in the company as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) / Managing Director and providing the company with his strength, energy and willpower. Therefore, nothing will change for the employees of DCG themselves.

"The strong financial power combined with the strategic will of MVV will open further doors and enable DCG to strengthen and extend ist position both in the domestic and international market. Thus, we want to keep reacting quickly and flexibly to market and customer requirements as a reliable partner" Ralf Siefen emphasizes.




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