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“If there is a secret of success for innovation, it would be the uncompromising review of the question: “What is the best?”. As a result of opposite interactions, of supply and demand, of light and dark, of nightingale and lark, of bull and bear.” (Quote: Hans Blank, German management consultant)

In high technology sectors, such as IT, the wheels are turning even faster. One innovation follows the next one. During the passed months there were lot of discussions about industrial digitalization and Internet of Things (IoT).

In this context, we are motivated by the question about flexible, innovative security, growing IT infrastructures and the optimal solution for the demands of our clients. For this reason this newsletter will inform you about our new DC-ITSafe Office Edition (the new security solution for the physical protection of up to 20 height units) and the project QITS DataSafe.

Peter Wäsch, Managing Director RZproducts

Peter Wäsch
Managing Director RZproducts

The new DC-ITSafe Office Edition
The new DC-ITSafe Office Edition

RZproducts presents the new version of the DC-ITSafe as Office Edition

In order to meet the increasing demands for IT security also for small and medium sized companies, law offices and practices, RZproducts launches the new DC-ITSafe Office Edition. The product designer and manufacturer of physical IT infrastructures presents a powerful plug and play solution. With an energy efficient, low-noise cooling and a capacity of up to 20 height units, it offers a basic protection against physical dangers and unauthorized access.

The DC-ITSafe Office Edition offers an EI-90 fire protection, IP 56 dust- and water-protection as well as a tightness against flue gases. Furthermore the safe offers a burglar protection class RC 2, protection against falling debris, electromagnetic attacks and explosions. All protective properties comply with European standards, e. g. EN 13501, 60529 or 1627/1630.

The two door system is operator and service friendly and is also available with a closed rear wall. With the 4-way base construction, the mini data center enables easy transportation. Due to its modular construction, the installation on site is possible if and when required.

The split cooling solution, developed by our cooling experts, is operated by compressors on top of the safe and evaporators within the safe. A directed cooling and airflow allows energy saving of 20 to 30 percent. Multiple options are available to fulfill individual, customized requirements.

Additional options, as e. g. our monitoring system DCM-Detection, passive or intelligent PDUs, early fire detection systems, fire extinguishing units or UPS systems up to 3 kVA are available.

Reader’s Choice Award 2017
Reader’s Choice Award 2017

DATA CENTER GROUP nominated for the IT-Award 2017

Also in 2017 the DATA CENTER GROUP is nominated for the Reader’s Choice Award by the online portal DataCenter Insider! In 2016, our passion for IT and aspiration for the best and most efficient solution for our clients have already been awarded the first place for the best data center planner and auditor.

Please vote for the DATA CENTER GROUP in the category “Data Center Planner & Auditors”.

The QITS DataSafe in Ratingen, Germany.
The QITS DataSafe in Ratingen, Germany.

Within 4 months, proRZ realizes an ECB∙S certificated high availability data center for QITS in Ratingen

QITS is a successful part of the globally acting ADCO group. For two decades, QITS is specialized in the transfer of critical external document applications, business process outsourcing, private cloud services, IT logistics and the safe processing of highly sensitive mass data in the QITS DataSafe. The company records a sustainable profitable growth with annual growth rates.

Within 4 months, proRZ realized a complete high availability data center (TIER 3+) with an ECB∙S  certificated high security room as indoor solution with numerous technology design modules for QITS.


If your want to get more information about the DATA CENTER GROUP or you have a concrete project please take the opportunity and reserve your desired date with our consultant today. For this purpose, please send us an email or call us.




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