Data Centers - Trends 2018


No Glance into the Crystal Ball

DATA CENTER GROUP expects a significant increase of requests for services regarding the operation of IT-infrastructures

Digitalization means being dependent on systems and constantly securing availability.  Hence, the DATA CENTER GROUP is expecting a significantly growing need of professional services regarding IT-infrastructures and data centers in 2018. Especially small and medium-sized companies will profit from working with experienced contractors.

Because of the increasingly and fast advancing digitalization, high dependency of data and systems require a constant availability of the IT-infrastructures. However, a secure and energy efficient operation is not only guaranteed by maintenance measures but you also need examinations, regular adjustment of infrastructures and a permanent optimization of operational costs. Thus the cost efficiency and competitive capacity can be improved in parallel - whether concerning – whether it concerns large data centers of global companies or smaller, medium-sized companies.

Especially those small and medium-sized companies can have trouble guaranteeing a steady availability and a least-cost operation with their own IT-team although those things are essential for a secure and efficient operation. That is why extern service contractors offer customized Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Within those, the maintenance and possible repairs of cooling, USV, fire extinguishing systems, data safes and other systems are arranged. At the same time, the SLAs can ensure a more efficient operation by monitoring and adjusting the systems.

Implementing the SLAs leads to effective IT-infrastructures, minimal cost and more time for the daily business. “Managers or employees responsible for the IT will have to turn away from their habits in order to get the best out of the digital transformation. The demand of service or, in other words, the willingness to spin off work processes that are not primarily relevant will increase. For us as a contractor, it is going to be crucial to account for all wishes by a customized proposition”, explain Ralf Siefen and Thomas Sting, managers of the DATA CENTER GROUP.

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