DATA CENTER GROUP kreiert Preis für RZ-Energieeffizienzprojekte
DATA CENTER GROUP kreiert Preis für RZ-Energieeffizienzprojekte
DATA CENTER GROUP kreiert Preis für RZ-Energieeffizienzprojekte
DATA CENTER GROUP kreiert Preis für RZ-Energieeffizienzprojekte

DATA CENTER GROUP Creates Prize for DC-Energy-Efficiency-Projects


On Monday, March 18, the prizes for the DC-energy-efficiency-project M1 Mbit Power were awarded by the DATA CENTER GROUP.

The company and the chair for building technology of the RWTH Aachen University tendered a competition for students. The participants had to improve energy efficiency in data centers with a focus on architecture. The synergistic usage scenario, an optimized technical expansion and sustainable structures had to be formed into a coherent overall plan. 

The seven participants presented their work in the headquarters in Wallmenroth. This is where they were judged by the jurors of the DATA CENTER GROUP Dr. Dieter Thiel, Uwe Pfeifer, Michael Wörster und Katja Pfeiffer. Afterwards, they awarded prizes to the students. The winner is Lubna Akwan. With her project "Highrise" she demonstrated how the balancing act between quickly growing data center areas and declining open spaces in the cities can be managed. The concept of a small floor area that expands upwards combined with an efficient heat-loss concept was part of the success. Simon Pollnau got the second place with his project "IT-Residential-Module" and Roman Gerbes' project "Hydrogen" got the third place.

The task was to develop a scenario which includes future demands of IoT, AI, autonomous driving or industry 4.0 developments taking account of the architecture. The concepts had to show how obstacles can be overcome architecturally, where synergies between technical requirements and design appear and which exploitations can be combined with a data center. Furthermore, the arising heat loss has to be used sensibly or even profitably. And at last, the building's power demand should mostly cover itself. 

"Until now, the energy efficiency has been increased by optimized infrastructure components. A reduced power usage through adapted architecture or the integration of energetic building material was hardly ever the focus of planning. Hence, the DATA CENTER GROUP in cooperation with the chair for building technology of the RWTH Aachen University called for students to participate in the project M1 Mbit Power. The goal was to submit a holistic concept that includes both an optimization of the data center's function and scopes for design," explains Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dirk Henning Braun, who supported the project as head of the chair in the university. 

"Although the DATA CENTER GROUP has already realized more than 1,000 projects domestically and overseas, the visionary concepts of the young architects show where they see the challenges in IoT, industry 4.0 and autonomous driving. Thus, we can get an insight into ideas for future symbioses of buildings and data centers. Most of all though, the funding of the Mbit-Power-Project is our investment into the future. For many years, we have been supporting schools and universities, giving regular talks and trying to present the job of an architect and building planner in the DC-area as interesting as it is," says Dieter Thiel, who was part of the jury as a senior consultant and manager of the competence field energy concepts in the DATA CENTER GROUP. 

Picture: f.l.t.r. Prof. Dr. Ing. Dirk Henning Braun, Yassine Arraji , Mostafa Yosef, Philip Engelhardt (RWTH), Simon Pollnau, Lubna Akwan, Tobias Schell (RWTH Aachen), Roman Gerbes, Iva Mancheva, Dr. Dieter Thiel, Florencia Wibosono, Uwe Pfeifer, Michael Wörster

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