Space for 3,000 racks


DATA CENTER GROUP participates in the MAIN DC Offenbach GmbH and builds a modern service data center

DATA CENTER GROUP participates in the MAIN DC Offenbach GmbH and both plans and builds a high-availability data center for the company as a general contractor, serving the increasing demand for data centers which companies can lodge into in times of digital transformation. In cooperation with Etix Everywhere S.A. EVO, the global energy supply company Offenbach AG develops a building complex with approx. 7,800 m² for around 3,000 racks. The investment volume is around 120 million EUR.

In this ambitious project, the DATA CENTER GROUP takes over the complete planning and construction of the data center and, with its operating specialists, also sustainably supports the achievement of the high efficiency targets. The concept focuses on high availability, future-proofing and the use of energy- and operating-cost-efficient technologies. The first expansion stage will be ready for occupation in middle of 2019. The extensions will be made every year in a modular design. MAIN DC Offenbach GmbH was founded to operate the data center, in which the DATA CENTER GROUP participates as a shareholder.

The data center is being built in close proximity to the globally important internet hub DE-CIX in Frankfurt as well as to an EVO substation in Offenbach. This ensures both a fast connection to the worldwide data streams and the best possible secure and reliable supply of electrical energy. With a height of up to 25 meters, the gross floor area of the building complex has around 22,000 m² and can accommodate about 3,000 IT-racks.

"This kind of state-of-the-art service data center is a great way for large and sophisticated mid-sized businesses to host their IT-infrastructures and data in a financially attractive environment inside a high-availability data center with the most efficient operation, and it is also a good way to meet the high demands of digital transformation. The regional proximity does not only guarantee European quality and security standards like EN 50600 but also a extremely fast data transmission at low transmission costs." explain the manager of the DATA CENTER GROUP, Ralf Siefen.


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