Sudatory Cooling?


What data center operators should consider in this heat

Outdoor pools, ice and cooling boxes for some - sweat, panic and overtime for the others. With the current temperatures, not only people are sweating, but data centers are too. It does not matter whether they are old data centers with old cooling systems or modern ones: The essential thing is a properly sized and set cooling system because the power limit is reached quickly at high outside temperatures. However, here are three long-awaited tips that could help to prevent the worst.

As in all areas of a data center, for the limit of performance also applies: good planning helps to stay cool. A rather old policy states that the output limit should be at 38 ° Celsius. The current weather report shows though that this principle is not precise enough and that it is better to set the power limit about two to three Kelvin above the highest regionally measured temperature.

Of course, records can be broken. In order to keep a cool head, you can help yourself with weather data tools. With them, data center operators can determine the exact, annual 8760 weather hours for each location. The basis is the statistical data of the German Weather Service. If a development forecast of the German Weather Service is integrated, it is also a good prediction for the following years. 

However, before any failure of cooling threatens to turn up the heat on the data center, air conditioners should be adapted to the weather conditions. In any case, a precondition for failure protection is an adequate monitoring that warns managers ASAP. Ideally, data center operators have a partner who takes on all these tasks or they secure their corporate data from the outset in a service data center that they do not need to operate. This way, there is no need to worry about heat, but rather about outdoor pools, ice and cooling boxes.


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