DC IT Room Configurator

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Efficient room-in-room systems for your IT

DC-ITRoom QuarzITe 9.0

DC-ITRoom GranITe

3/5 Schlösser

Modular room-in-room system with basic protection against the main physical hazards.

DC-ITRoom QuarzITe 9.3

DC-ITRoom QuartzITe 9.3

4/5 Schlösser

Modular room-in-room system with extended basic protection against the main physical hazards.

DC-ITRoom GranITe

DC-ITRoom QuartzITe 9.0

5/5 Schlösser

The latest generation of high availability protection for your IT. Maximum security for your data center.


Baseline Security against Physical Dangers


Fire Protection

One fire protection is not like the other. There are special requirements for the IT!


Anti-Burglary Protection

Protect your IT-infrastructure from burglary or unauthorized access. 


Explosion Protection

So your IT stays intact in the worst-case scenario


Protection from Debris Load

Your IT is protected in case the primary building elements cave in. 


Protection from Vandalism

Protect your IT-infrastructure from willful destruction and vandalism. 

Löschwasser und Staub

Water and Dust Protection

Water and dust protection according to EN 60529 for the protection of hardware and data. 


Emission Protection

Ideal protection from eavesdropping operations and electromagnetic emission. 


Noise Protection

Reduce the acoustic level of your server room. 

Korrosive Gase

Protection from Corrosive Gases

Protect your IT from corrosive gases. 


Quality for your IT infrastructure

Your IT requires particularly high-quality protection. No company can afford to leave its data unprotected, neither digitally nor physically. That is why RZproducts, as part of the DATA CENTER GROUP, has been developing innovative protection systems for IT infrastructure since 2008. Our products are certified and quality checked. Independent, globally recognized bodies guarantee our product quality. Products like the GranITe IT room have successfully passed the most stringent and demanding security and quality tests.

As a subsidiary of DC-Datacenter-Group GmbH, RZ-Products GmbH specializes in the development, production and marketing of high-quality IT security products that are used in companies worldwide. We offer innovative solutions for the security equipment of data centers. Our products are "Made in Germany" produced in Wallmenroth in the Westerwald.


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