Our strong room: the DC-ITRoom GranITe
Our strong room: the DC-ITRoom GranITe
Our strong room: the DC-ITRoom GranITe
Our strong room: the DC-ITRoom GranITe

The DC-ITRoom GranITe

High availability protection for the latest generation of your IT

  • Modular room-in-room system consisting of wall, ceiling and floor elements.
  • High quality & attractive design
  • User-friendly high security door system with 6 point locking system
  • User-friendly & innovative cable and tube duct system
  • Type-tested and ECB.S certified according to EN 1047-2 (room type B - R 60 D) and different European standards
  • Neutral and independent external quality control
  • Structural IT protection according to BITKOM DC category C & D, BSI, EN 50600….

Best possible security for your data center - RC 3 burglar protection as standard!

Made in Germany

Protection against major physical hazards 




Extinguishing water

Korrosive Gase

Corrosive gases




 Unauthorized access

Lauschangriff / elektromagnetische Abstrahlung

Eavesdropping / Radiation 







Einbruch / Diebstahl

Burglary/ Theft




Test certificates

  • ECB•S certificate and type test according to EN 1047-2.
  • Impact test according to EN 1047-2.
  • EI180 building component test (external) & EI120 building component test (internal) according to EN 1363-1 and EN 13501-2.
  • EI90 system test from internal to external according to EN 1363-1 and EN 13501-2.
  • Burglar protection RC 3 according to EN 1627, EN 1628, EN 1629 and EN 1630
  • Resistance against debris loads.
  • Dust protection IP 56 according to EN 60529.
  • Protection against extinguishing water IP 56 according to EN 60529.
  • Protection against stagnant water. 
  • Smoke tightness according to EN 1634-3.
  • Noise protection according to DIN 4109, DIN EN ISO 354, 140 and 717.
  • Explosion protection EXR 3 according to EN 13123-2/13124-2.
  • Escape door certification according to EN 179 (EN 1125 as option).
  • EMC protection according to EN 50147.

Type test according to EN 1047-2 (fire protection)

The ECB·S certification as equivalent to an accolade for fire protection security. The European Certification Body GmbH (ECB) is the leading certification service provider for security products nationally and internationally. After a successfully passed test the ECB awards the ECB·S certificate. 



Explosion test - maximum security for explosive attacks

Upon our request the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) performed the following test:
Test of our GranITe-Room vs. standard F90 security room (made of standard F90 sandwich panels).

The result: Only 5 kg TNT are required to destroy the standard F90 room almost completely whereas the hard- and software within the GranITe-Room withstood a detonation with 12 kg TNT.



DC-ITRoom GranITe

The flexible, modular room system is expandable from a 2 sqm mini data center to big data centers. The modular system grows with individual demands. Benefit from existing standard buildings and implement a secure data center to avoid a new construction. Future proof investments are guaranteed by modifications, dismantling or removals if and when required. You are lacking the required floor space? Remove the strong room into our outdoor system (DC-ITContainer) and within a short time span you have secure data center rooms outside the existing building. 


...as high value Data Center 
modular and individually expandable to any size required. Room-in-room solution for existing buildings.


...as Outdoor solution
enclosed by a steel housing. A new construction is not required, removals or modular modifications are possible if and when required. 



  • Various door sizes
  • Mechanical key lock or access control systems 
  • Sliding door closer incl. electro-mechanical door holder (with/without smoke switch control)
  • Electro-hydraulic door drive 
  • Various hard duct systems and sizes 
  • Electrical control 
  • Lighting system
  • Ventilation and overpressure slides (combined version also available)  

Additional options:

  • Raised floor
  • Fire alarm system
  • Early fire alarm system
  • Monitoring and energy efficient systems
  • Burglar alarm system
  • Fire extinguishing system
  • UPS
  • Free cooling
  • 482,6 mm (19") rack

High availability during installation 

Upon customer's request we protect your IT with our room-in-room system within short notice. This modular system is adaptable to any size. Without interruptions of IT processes or time-consuming space management.

Aufbau 01

Start of installation

Aufbau 02

Your complete IT is protectively surrounded. 

Aufbau 03

Clearly arranged and user-friendly supply units

Aufbau 04

Completed! With access control and security door. 


The DC-ITRoom GranITe is a quality product "Made in Germany" of tested quality.  Design according to the recommendations of Bitkom, BSI (Federal Office for Information Security ). ECB·S-certified and type-tested. The quality is assured by standardized test procedures / certifications of neutral institutions.  




Phone +49 2741 9321-0

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