Protect your IT with shielding of the latest generation.
Utmost security for your data center.

With DC-ITShielding, RZproducts offers a tested and customized IT room shielding solution. The high frequency shell protects IT rooms and IT equipment against electrical and/or magnetic interferences from the outside and the radiation of information from the inside.


Perfect protection against

  • Espionage
  • Electronic attacks
  • EMP electro magnetic pulse
  • Technical eavesdropping
  • Natural electromagnetic peaks (e.g. lightning impacts)
Made in Germany

Video - DC-ITShielding


Effects of the protective shield for your IT:

Darstellung IT-Schutzschild

Product features:

  • Eavesdropping and shielding security up to 60, 80 oder 100 dB
  • Compliance with requirements of  Tempest, NSA 65-2, NATO
  • Guaranteed shielding attenuation up to 40 GHz
  • Modular design made of 2 mm steel sheet modules
  • Panel dimenions: max. 1500 x 50 mm (WxD)
  • System-tested acc. to EN 50147-1, NSA 65-6,IEEE-STD 299 (MIL-STD 285)
  • In compliance with BSI (Federal Office for Information Security
Shielding Varianten



  • Quick and easy installation

  • Integration into existing IT security rooms, outdoor container or buildings
  • Removable and replaceable for high investment security (e.g. relocations)
  • Increased burglary protection in combination with DC-ITRoom security solutions

Shielding 01
Shielding 02
Shielding 03



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