DC-IT Monitoring – Creating added value from data

What is your data center doing right now? No alarm does not necessarily mean the best possible operation. After all, the core challenges in data centers include not only security and availability, but also efficiency. But in order to operate a data center efficiently and strategically in the first place, there is one basic prerequisite: comprehensive monitoring.


The analysis, monitoring and evaluation of alarm and energy data increase the availability and efficiency of your IT infrastructure

The constant view of the data center not only shows its operating status. It It makes it easier for managers from the IT, facility and finance departments to prevent foreseeable malfunctions, increased energy consumption and unnecessary costs. DC-IT Monitoring monitors your data center with all its devices, analyzes and visualizes the data volumes and alerts the responsible employees if necessary.


How monitoring works: analysis, optimization and controlling for your data center

The DC-IT monitoring products are the result of many years of expertise in the life cycle and functioning of data centers and offer needs-based tools for the individual phases of alarm and energy management. Therefore, they do not only selectively evaluate various systems, but also analyze infrastructures such as air conditioning, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), PDU strips (Power Distribution Units) and more in a comprehensive and permanent manner.


This quickly reveals the potential of the resources and how a data center can be operated more securely and economically.


The use of DC-IT Monitoring creates added value

Our Data Center Monitoring solution offers you great advantages for the management of your IT infrastructures. This becomes more efficient, reliable and secure through condition-based monitoring, data analysis and process optimization. Thus, it offers great advantages from trouble-free operation to process and cost optimization.


Optimization of energy consumption


Diagnosing increased energy consumption and indicating potential savings can save energy and costs.

Faster response times


Faulty devices can be identified immediately. In addition, processes can be adapted and improved in advance.

Avoidance of downtimes


Rapid detection of incipient faults and fast response times can reduce or even completely avoid downtimes.

High efficiency


Last but not least, management benefits from the short payback periods in terms of the economic efficiency of the data center, IT room, IT container or micro data center (fast return on investment, ROI).


DCM Agent 32DI 2PS

DCM Agent

The Data-Collector

It reads and collects the functional and operational information data of the entire IT infrastructure installed in the data center.


DC-IT Monitoring at a glance: Monitor and manage


RZingcon für Rechenzentrumsbau

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Our Data Center Monitoring in use

Intelligent collection, monitoring and analysis of your IT infrastructure data is essential when it comes to avoiding downtime and saving energy. You can read about the success in the following sample references:


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