DCM Delivery – The Compiler

But what happens with the information if no faults are reported? Benefits!

The performance data can be analysed and visualised. In other words: compiled. Using software, the visible, energy-related key figures can improve the operational procedures in the data center.
For this reason, the second basic component and central solution of DC-MonIToring is the DCM Delivery. The software makes the operational and system data transparent on a standard browser, allowing it to be compared and interpreted. As a result, the monitoring of the data center and its IT components can be used directly to continually improve the IT infrastructure in line with requirements. As DCM Delivery is a browser-based software solution, data center operators can access the system at any time using a secure internet connection.

DCM Delivery
DCM Delivery

Range of services

  • User access through a standard browser (https) Multi-client capable
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Connection via DCM Agent 
  • Recording of equipment, such as USV, air conditioning, PDUs, energy meters via ModbusTCP and SNMP 
  • Real and virtual data points
  • Individual structure of data points

  • Consistent saving of data
  • Visualisation of trends in a diagram
  • Historic display of notifications
  • Notifications if the target is deviated from via email or SMS 
  • Acknowledgement of alarms
  • Reproduction of escalation processes
  • Multilingual


In team incredibly strong:

DCM Detection

The Detector

DCM Detection

DCM Detection offers basic monitoring of the most important equipment in the smallest space. The notifications can be forwarded via the relevant interfaces.

DCM Agent

The Collector


The maximum degree of security. Secondly, flexibility, interface communication and the option to integrate with existing system and measuring technology.

DCM Delivery

The Compiler

DCM Delivery

The software makes the operational and system data transparent on a standard browser, allowing it to be compared and interpreted.


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