Data Center Services

Guaranteed 24/7 availability

The data center is the heart of digitalization. To keep it beating constantly, we ensure that it remains powerful, protected and highly available.

For our contract customers we are available 24/7, so you can take care of your core business, we take care of the maintenance, security and economic optimization of your IT infrastructures.

To the services

High efficiency through optimal service

IT security and functionality of a data center should not be left to chance. A service contract designed to meet the customer's needs plays a decisive role in ensuring the trouble-free operation of a data center in the long term.

Whether it's a service level agreement (SLA) with site-specific services, rapid response in an emergency or all-round protection with defined spare parts packages: You benefit from maximum cost transparency thanks to services and prices individually adapted to your needs.

Customized service that pays off

In addition to continuous availability, our data center services offer you the following benefits:


We provide our customers with the service specifically adjusted to their needs. We offer exactly the services that are necessary and useful for your data center.


A fast identification of failures or malfunctions can be achieved by continuous monitoring and maintenance of the individual components. Thus, sources of errors can be eliminated more quickly and downtimes can be minimized. This not only saves time, but also hard cash.


(UPS systems, electrical installations, backup systems)

Our employees are trained on the components of all manufacturers. Through our strong partner network, we have access to the factory customer service on request, so that you receive expert services from a single source, independent of manufacturer and make.

Our services

Whether short-term troubleshooting and repair, emergency management, preventive measures or carrying out maintenance intervals according to the schedule: We offer the solution that is right for you.

Reliable performance in the field

Let our references in the field of data center services convince you.

Climate crisis and data centers

Checklist for minimizing risks during extreme weather events

Do you need individual Services?

To learn more about our services, please contact us personally. Please use our contact form or just give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!

Would you like a little extra? Data Center Solutions.

Beyond the classic services of data center infrastructures, we offer you solutions around the topics of housing, network and administration as well as building management.