Meeting regulatory requirements for large concerns

Project Handling in Data Center Construction


Being a member of many trade associations and having experience from more than 2,500 realized data centers, we are well equipped with all necessary knowledge to counsel you regarding your sustainable data center - new or expanded. Putting high requirements on the IT also means

putting high requirements on the IT-location. When it comes to the construction of a large data center, interdisciplinary expertise is necessary. This knowledge is provided by a team of the proRZ, e.g. regarding the construction itself, security precautions, statics,

failure safety, required and cooling, electric as well as security technology. With this way of handling, we were able to realize more than 2,500 data centers and server rooms already, both on little space and larger IT-areas exceeding 2,000 m².


Knowing what matters


Large concerns put high demands on availability and security of their data and hence, have to meet very high requirements. We already step in when you are planning a new data center and support you with our knowledge about the latest standards and guidelines. Being a member of many trade associations, we are always up to date and keep an eye on meeting requirements by the EU, certification guidelines, the Federal Data Protection Act and the Product Liability Act. We already put things on the right track during the phase of analyzing and planning.

An effective separation of warm and cold air inside the server room with as much free cooling as possible as well as the ideal utilization considering the already existing and new IT-areas have a massive influence on a profitable and energy efficient data center operation. If your data center is already built, we can offer you certain adjustments that also lead to a directed reduction of the energy consumption and, as a result, saves a lot of costs. Just like every other successful company, a data center has to react immediately to processes of change and adjust flexibly.

That is why we pay specific attention to flexibility and sustainability when building a server room and construct your data center with modules so that it is independent of a location and always adjustable or expandable. This makes your company and your data center "state of the art" regarding future challenges. If you wish, proRZ will be your reliable partner, whether general contractor or general transferee, from planning to handing over the key so you can take care of your own core competences.


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