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Micro Data Centers are not automatically Data Centers

Not every server rack would be considered a micro data center. A lot of them lack important features, because especially now, while we live in a time of progressing digitalization, edge-computing or IoT, the increasing amount of data needs to be secure. Hence, data centers of each size have to guarantee that all availability demands by the customers as well as expectations regarding the applied solutions are fulfilled. 

IT-protection must not be missing in a micro data center


Micro data centers are getting more and more important. Especially for companies that are in need of small solutions for various reasons. Chanceries and doctor's offices, e.g., that have to work with personal data, often decide for micro data centers because their usage makes sense when data is not stored in a cloud but locally. So, it is not for nothing that the self-sufficient miniature data centers are included into portfolios of many providers for IT-infrastructures. However, not all micro data centers have the numerous functions of regular data centers. But, in order to guarantee autonomy, they have to meet a lot of requirements. First, they are about access protection. Does the micro data center have doors that can be removed or are they self-bolting? Is it protected from burglary or unauthorized access by a combination lock? 

Is the housing designed in a way that offers protection from eavesdropping operations or radiation? Scalable measures are also important to secure availability with increased data volume. How many height units can the micro data center take in?  Can it be flexibly expanded? Are UPS and cooling redundant? At last, protective measures against physical hazards like fire, water, gas and explosions are essential. Among others, you need to ask yourself the question how fireproof the compact data center is, including doors and cable sealings. Which standards and limits are being adhered to? Does the miniature data center not only withstand corrosive combustion gases or explosions but also extinguishing water or vandalism? Does it have an early fire detection or fire extinguishing system or can it be extended by such equipment features? 

"Fundamental requirements for the protection of the IT must not be missing in a micro data center. It is always important that we apply solutions which meet the current and future requirements of the company's IT. On top of that, professional micro data centers also guarantee that current standards and statutory provisions, like data protection or the IT security law, are adhered to", says Thomas Sting"A micro data center is more than just a locker for putting in IT-components. One of its main tasks is the protection and energy-efficient accommodation of servers and components. Only then, the necessary availability and security of company data can be guaranteed. And we have been realizing such solutions for our customers for years."


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