Optimally realized out in the open

Outdoor Data Centers and Container Solutions

A new construction in the open allows full planning freedom. But it can present challenges to the DC planning and conception. After all, the new server rooms have to meet all the availability and security requirements. Although there are some standardized basic elements of outdoor construction, we construct the new

server rooms according to individual and customized demands. Through intelligent and space-saving connecting of the different building blocks we reach the ideal relation between server and technology area. Since both layout and architecture are not predefined, we can adjust the entire design of your data center to your IT.

Floors and wall cladding, for example, are designed from scratch to separate warm and cold elements, which facilitates a highly efficient designing of the cooling system.


IT-Container - Individual and Flexible

An often used version for the outdoor area is the use of particular IT containers. In difference to traditional data centers, which require a lot of planning and time, container data centers are available immediately. Containers are often the best choice for edge computing and the investment costs are also lower. However, a container cannot reach the same security level as a DC building.

Beforehand, we judge whether an indoor or outdoor building comes into question for your project, inform you about the risks and determine how to get the maximum out of your budget.  Our focus lies on individually designed IT containers. The expenditure is comparable with the conventional container products. Your advantage: The container is perfectly adjusted to your needs, tested and certified.

Our modular construction offers maximum flexibility. IT containers from proRZ are equipped with reversible walls, so that they can be scaled in retrospect and are flexible. Are you asking yourself whether a new building has to be constructed or if a container would be enough? We offer broad advice to all realization possibilities and are manufacturer neutral.


With our outdoor solutions of the product series QuartzITe and DC-ITContainer we offer a holistic and best possible security for IT infrastructures.


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