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Fire Extinguishing Systems for Your IT



The extinguishing agent argon is stored in high pressure steel cylinders in aerially condensed form. The operating pressure is maximum 300 bar. The agent is not poisonous but there could be both a combustion gas hazard and an oxygen deficit hazard if the gas concentration builds up for fire extinguishing. 

Novec 1230

Novec is a registered trademark of the company 3M. The fire extinguisher Novec 1230 (ISO labeling FK-5-1-12) is a colorless, nearly scentless liquid which consists of carbon, fluorine and oxygen [CF³CF²C(O)CF(CF³)²] and only turns into gas when exposed to the air. Strictly speaking, Novec 1230 is a fluorous ketone and the way that stationary fire extinguishing systems work is based on homogenous inhibition. Since the molecule does not have any electric conductivity, it vaporizes in just a few minutes. Because of superlative fire extinguishing properties and a flooding time of only 10 seconds, a fire can be extinguished in a very short amount of time. Novec 1230 is a liquid in room temperature and easily vaporizes to gas if pushed out of the specific nozzles. It works on a physical basis by lowering the temperature of the flame to a point where no more combustion reactions can take place. Where other chemical alternatives stay in the atmosphere for about 33 years, Novec 1230 completely vanishes into the air within only 5 days. It also does not lead to ozone depletion. With an "Ozone Deplotion Potential" of 0 and a "Global Warming Potential" of 1 as well as the harmlessness regarding emission limits according to Kyoto protocol 4, this fire extinguishing agent is especially recommended for sensitive IT areas. It is stored in a liquid form and hence only takes up little storage space. 

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