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Mini Data Centers and IT Safes

We construct your miniature data center

Due to their modularity, miniature data centers are very beneficial for a structurally complicated setting or rented buildings. These security and infrastructure packages convince through high availability of the IT. The installation of this IT safety cabinet is easily done, even with already existing IT racks and the business is not interrupted. After a very quick installation, such a compact data center is already ready to use. It offers protection from damage of water, dust and flue gases and guarantees a cost saving in the area of construction. Especially when you have planned on building your own data center, this miniature version can be a safe and qualitatively good start.


Integrated fire extinguishing systems allow even more saving of expanses, since no complex extinguishing system in the room needs to be established. The miniature data centers are also protected against vandalism and unauthorized access. Corrosive combustion gases cannot do any harm either. Apart from that, the fast installing and uninstalling make it easy to move the data centers in case of a relocation. Hence, offering sustainability and security of investment. 

An integrated and efficient precision air conditioning increases the energy efficiency through little volume. Also, the personal liability situation is improved by meeting all important standards. Therefore, a miniature data center has a lot of technical and economical advantages, especially in structurally complicated settings or rented buildings. 

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