Room Shielding Solutions for Data Centers

Keywords like tempest, compromising emission or van-Eck-Phreaking show that electronic espionage is getting a more and more serious danger for the data and the IT of a company.

The damage that is done by knowledge theft and data theft sums up to about € 20 billion and counting according to estimations from the BDI (Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie). 

As a consequence of it, companies talk about a severe loss of image as a result of corporate crimes or a noticeable decrease of their stock price.


Guarantee of the Highest Security Requirements for Security Rooms and Data Centers


Combined with both indoor and outdoor security solutions, the DC-ITRooms and DC-ITContainer of the RZproducts, DC-ITShielding offers the best possible protection for the highest security requirements. We ensure a security against interception and shielding security with 60, 80 and 120 dB.

This way, the emission of IT-units can be reduced by roughly 1,000,000 times! On top of that, DC-ITShielding guarantees to meet the requirements set by Tempest, NSA 65-2 or NATO-standards and is system-tested according to EN 50147-1, NSA 65-6 and IEEE-STD 299.

The quick installation (also subsequently) into already existing IT security rooms, outdoor data centers or buildings as well as the ideal security features make DC-ITShielding the perfect addition regarding the security of your data (e.g. construction or development data or any kind of existential data) and IT-infrastructures.


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