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Every company that uses digital technologies is highly dependent on information systems and the available infrastructure. An enormous amount of data is stored digitally and essential work processes are electrically controlled. No matter how big your company - All your data is the foundation of your success. IT the DNA of your company. That is why the protection of this data from unauthorized access or exterior hazards is of highest priority for us. But we do not only deliver standardized models of our products. We also care a lot about your personal situation, requirements and guidelines and provide you with individualized solutions. We show you the best ways to protect your data, optimize it and make it more efficient. Once you have the perfect solution, we do not leave you alone. If you to, we are happy to accompany you during the realization.

We are convinced that there is an individual and ideal DNA concept for every company. Hence, we do a thorough analysis and coordinate the separate parts. Our services address companies, authorities and organizations of every size. So whether you want an all-in-one package or have specific questions or wishes about your data's protection, we are happy to consult you.

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"The competent consulting of the SECUrisk, regarding our IT and our data center strategy, was the first important cornerstone to more efficiency and economic viability of our entire infrastructure."

Stefan Nitsche // Head of Department for energy economy and IT // Stadtwerke Speyer GmbH


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Stephan Sequens

Stephan Sequens 
Data Center Infrastructure

Michael Wörster

Michael Wörster
Data Center Infrastructure

Hans-Jürgen Grabe

Hans-Jürgen Grabe
Information Security



Resources are limited. The better they are used, the more efficient the corporate processes are. Efficient in this case does not only mean a short-term saving of costs, but also a long-term economically optimal work. Hence, we determine the economic and energetic efficiency of your IT organization.

Our experts look for weaknesses and find out hidden potential of your company's DNA. 
Through our professional consultants you get individual solutions for all matters regarding data protection and we show you how to exploit your full potential. SECUrisk does not only develop strategies for minimizing risks,

 but also for maximizing the efficiency. Next to that, we also make other services available to you. This includes CEO/CIO coaching or training courses for your employees among many other things.



With passion and competence we develop the ideal strategy for improving the protection of information and data and we also want to promote an efficient and energy-optimized operation. 

This goal requires the right strategies in order to deploy the information technology in a targeted and economical way. Developing those, we analyze your current company's DNA and investigate whether it is in line with your work processes, business goals and future visions. We also conduct studies, e.g. make-or-buy studies, do market research or develop outsourcing strategies. 

Based on the analysis results we work on a target-oriented action strategy that is is specifically adjusted to your current and future requirements and will get the most of your company's DNA.

Is all your entrepreneurial information protected from unauthorized access? Is your data energetically efficiently stored? In which areas could you gain a certification? 

SECUrisk answers all questions regarding IT and information security and supervises the realization of the project. 



To us, the security of your company's DNA is of highest priority. Numerous risk factors can affect IT processes and even lead to damage of data. House fires and natural forces are tangible and imaginable risks that most companies are protected against. But since the revelations of Edward Snowden there is more awareness of the sensibility of data. Information theft and the misuse of it are criminal acts that have massive effects for a company and its stakeholders. All the way from a small association to small and midsize companies, whether it is an energy provider, a building contractor or a hospital - the protection of data and information security affects everyone!

Hence, our aim is to protect your organization from possible danger without losing sight of the economic and general efficiency. Our team explores your security and looks at potential risks regarding theft of information. Afterwards, we develop an effective security concept with you that protects your data in the best possible way. 

Where is need for action? Which investments make sense and which don't?

Answering these questions, it is always looked at the three dimensions of security: physics, (IT) technology as well as organization and processes. With a target-oriented solution and a transparent overview of the investments provided by SECUrisk, you are all set to make decisions about the measures of your company's security - because prevention is better than cure. 


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