CEO-Coaching for Managers


All responsibility lies in the hands of the management. Whether security strategies have to be further developed, newly designed or realized, it is quite a challenge to deal with this very complex and sensitive issue responsibly. Especially when you are surrounded by experts with technical language, new regulatory provisions and a solid company organization. But we are here to help! Our coaching will put you in the position to manage all the challenges of entrepreneurial IT-security-strategies competently, mentally strengthened and well informed. 

The Requirements:

  • Information provided by management and executives in a comprehensible language
  • Conditioning for this complex issue
  • Discussions and guidelines about the most urgent and relevant problems

The Result:

  • More transparency for you as manager
  • You take over profound positions and represent them
  • You judge planning suggestions of intern and extern contractors competently
  • If you wish, the coach stays with you afterwards

Other Academic Programs:

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