Training Course EN 50600

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Since every data center is different and has its own individual requirements, a guideline covering all data centers is hard to develop. However, the first standard ever to cover all aspects of a data center is called "EN 50600: IT - installation and infrastructures of data centers". By defining demands and recommendations regarding all agents of the field, EN 50600 applies to nearly all data centers. Whoever is working with data centers or wants to build one should not only be aware of EN 50600 but also know it in more detail. It is currently reviewed (effective 16.03.2017) whether the european EN 50600 standard can be a part of the worldwide ISO-standard. SECUrisk is an active member of the standardization committee of EN 50600. 

Our lecturers are experts in that area because they have years of experience in the relevant scopes and they are happy to share their knowledge about the important aspects and contents of the EN 50600 standard with you. Home in on the future and make your data center sustainable. 

The Requirements:

  • Practically relevant imparting of contents of the new EN 50600
  • Comprehensive training by experts
  • Detailed insight into all parts of the standard: 

  • EN 50600-1: General concepts
    EN 50600-2-1: Building construction 
    EN 50600-2-2: Electricity supply
    EN 50600-2-3: Cooling
    EN 50600-2-4: Data wiring
    EN 50600-2-5: Security and fire protection
    EN 50600-3-1: Operation and processes
    EN 50600-4-1: Overview key performance indicators 
    EN 50600-4-2: Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)
    EN 50600-4-3: Renewable Energy Factor (REF)
  • Overview of further regulations and guidelines by EN 50600
  • Recommendations of EN 50600
  • DC-Audit according to EN 50600 with a practical example

The Result:

  • Profound knowledge about all relevant aspects and contents of EN 50600
  • Implementation of consistently adjusted EN 50600 standard for your data center 
  • Highly optimized organization of data center operation 
  • Uniform language regulation for topology of rooms in data centers 
  • Uniform definition of availability and safety class of DC-infrastructure, e.g. as basis for tenders 
  • Measurable quality of DC-management-processes and more reliance and security for operators and users 

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