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Training ISO/IEC 27001

In order to prevent attacks, data loss and misusage of confidential information, hence, avoiding cost loss or image harm, it makes sense to take preventive measures for the protection of your IT and your company early enough. ISO 27001 specifies the demands "for production, introduction, operation, surveillance, maintenance and improvement of a documented information security management system (ISMS), considering the IT-risks within the entire organization" and is also the basis for a respective certification of companies or critical processes. ISO 27001 is internationally considered to be the leading standard for ISMS. 

Since only qualified employees of your company can contribute to a useful and sustainable implementation of ISMS and of the processes according to ISO 27001, our training course "ISO/EC 27001" is an ideal investment in the certification of your employees and also the future of your company. Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity for a successful management of the information security as certification mark in your company and it also adds to the upkeep of contestability. Our training "ISO 27001" gives you the chance to learn all about information security. The experience and professionalism of our lecturers leads to a competent and individual training. 

The Requirements: 

  • Transfer of the most important concepts and principles of ISO/IEC 27001:
  • Requirements and goals of information security
  • Cost efficient management of security risks
  • Securing conformity with laws and regulations
  • Framework for implementing means for securing specific goals for information security 
  • Definition of new information security management processes 
  • Identification and optimization of already existing processes regarding information security management
  • Assignment of intern and extern auditors for the assessment of implementing guidelines and standards 

The Result: 

  • Understanding of the way an effective information security management works
  • Overview of the necessary data security to protect from attacks, data loss and information misuse of information 
  • Knowledge about risk minimizing measures through prevention 
  • Continuous information security in business routine 

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