Safely into the network. 

Cloud Analysis

Are you already working with a cloud or would you like to know whether your data is safe there or know what kind of information may be put into the cloud? We are happy to consult you in any regard and will make sure that data security and availability are guaranteed by using a cloud analysis. We can promise you legal certainty because our team works according to the latest standards and guidelines. Using the cloud analysis, possible risks and security flaws can be revealed, which gives you the chance to initiate preventive measures in order to avoid any damage. With the results of the cloud analysis, we can look for ways to correct certain flaws and and minimize risks and dangers. 

Die Anforderung:

  • Professional consultation, analysis of your systems and data regarding upload on the cloud
  • Interface tests
  • List of necessary requirements for the cloud
  • Determination of amount of data/systems that are qualified for the cloud
  • Considering the data security level, available ciphering techniques and provider range 
  • Admission od cost efficient solution approaches. 

Das Ergebnis:

  • All-round carefree package for the start
  • You know which preconditions apply in order to introduce a safe "Clouding" 
  • You can judge costs and effort and make necessary decisions 

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