Energy Revolution: Good for Environment and Budget

Nobody likes to waste money. And with our help, you get so save it. Our energy-efficiency-analysis looks at both DC-infrastructures and IT-infrastructures. It identifies your power eaters and reduces your energy usage sustainably and cost efficiently. Analyzing the results, our experts can give you profound data and facts about how to improve your data center's energy balance. Hence, the energy-efficiency-analysis is a basis for planning and implementing certain efficiency measures to leave you with a sustainable data center which is good for both the environment and your budget. 

The Requirements: 

  • Comprehensive analysis regarding energy efficiency in purchasing process
  • Detailed definition of energy consumers 
  • Overview of energy consumption per device, unit and entire consumption 
  • Efficiency of operating technology in comparison to standard systems
  • Cooling system analysis, optimization of server load regarding consumption data 

The Result: 

  • Your data center's energy costs in all detail presented transparently 
  • You can match costs easily and use them for potential cost center calculations 
  • Energy consumption and costs are reduced efficiently 

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