We put your systems to the acid test 

Load and Stress Tests

Load and stress tests are an important tool to analyze the performance and failure proneness of your IT and your data center. Within the limits of our tests, different test scenarios look at the general load capacity and security of your data center. Beforehand, we put together individual questions and goals in order to give those tests a specific purpose. Then, we develop scenarios and simulate them in an endurance test. During the testing, our experts work methodically and document their procedure and the results, which are the basis of future decisions regarding changes in the surrounding. 

The Requirements:

  • Test development, execution, reporting and interpretation of results
  • Individual support and consultation before, during and after the tests
  • Individual test report
  • Identification of company's business processes 

The Result:

  • Certainty regarding the load capacity of your system or IT  in worst case 
  • Knowledge about possible flaws
  • Fixation of status quo, hence improved planning and investment security
  • Insight into necessary optimizations and investments
Hans-Jürgen Grabe

Hans-Jürgen Grabe
Information Security


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