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Risk Analysis

We offer you an ideal way to achieve an appropriate level of security within your company with our IT risk analysis. Your budget is used efficiently and brings sustainable security. With the help of our risk analysis, we identify risks and flaws in your company by different methods, e.g. penetration tests. On top of that, we compute financial effects, and estimate possible risks and threats. The results of our analysis are a basis to different security concepts and can implement certain IT security solutions. With this risk analysis you get a professional feedback about the state of your IT-security and receive options to improve it - if necessary. 

The Requirements: 

Area of analysis:

  • Specify and classify IT-systems
  • Distinct definition of objects (e.g. buildings and infrastructure) that are to be considered for the analysis
  • Identification of threatened objects/assets: Gathering of possibly threatened objects within the analysis frame 
  • Identification of risks to the assets: check assets and protective measures for flaws

The Result: 

  • IT risk assessment by experienced experts 
  • Transparency for management regarding risks
  • Optional list of appropriate and efficient protective measures  for your company 
  • Reaching appropriate security level 
Hans-Jürgen Grabe

Hans-Jürgen Grabe
Information Security


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