How much protection does your company require? 

Identification of Security Requirements

Unfortunately, several security threats can lead to security flaws. In the worst case, this could mean a loss of trust to your company or your IT-security. Other negative scenarios would be a loss of data integrity, of authenticity or of system availability. In order to prevent financial loss and general negative outcomes, we offer a professional identification of security requirements. During this identification of security requirements, we identify all flaws in your network and analyze the security risks. By conducting this identification of security requirements, we can determine possible solutions for your flaws and lower risks and threats. 

The Requirements: 

  • Professional analysis by experienced experts 
  • Identification of security requirements
  • Identify components that need fixing/adjusting
  • Scalability of solutions
  • Cost efficient and confidential project management

The Result: 

  • Convincing and detailed display of your individual protection needs
  • Professional consulting by experienced co-workers
  • Transparency regarding information security by coherent security definition and aligned understanding of security 
  • Your company's trust, availability, integrity and authenticity are secured 
Hans-Jürgen Grabe

Hans-Jürgen Grabe
Information Security


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