The Ideal Protection for Your Company's DNA

SECUrisk works out concepts to protect your company's DNA because when it comes to information, you should not leave anything to chance. 

These days, every company and organization that uses new technology makes itself highly dependent on its information systems and the available infrastructure. Enormous amounts of data are stored and essential working processes are electronically controlled. 

Regardless of the company's size, this data as well as your soft and hardware are the basis of your success. All of this is what we call your company's DNA. On the one hand you have to protect your company's DNA from unauthorized access or agency from outside and on the other hand you have to adjust the single parts to your need and your business goals. We see our task in showing you the best options for protecting your company's DNA, optimize it and increase efficiency. 

If you like, we also support you during the implementation. We are convinced that there is an ideal DNA concept for each business. Hence, we synchronize the most important parts according to a comprehensive analysis. Our service is for companies, authorities and organizations of all sizes. And of course for everyone that has very specific requirements on data management, data backup and data security. 



A workshop that brings certainty. Do the company's and the IT strategy fit together? Are the strategies in conformity with the law? What about the dimensions physics, technology and organization? Is everything going well or are there security risks? 


A very thorough analysis. It does not only look at the flow of the IT within the three dimensions physics, technology and organization but also examines the efficiency of the dimensional strategies in comparison to the DNA-Check. Information security, employee approval and energy efficiency are among the examined issues. 


An elaborated IT-concept for your company. Is there a need for change? Where does it come from and do you have certain concepts already? We are able to design concepts for strategies, security and efficiency individually for your company. 


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