IT Contingency Plan

Prepare for the worst-case scenario

The contingency plan serves your company as a basis for the setup and implementation of an emergency strategy. We develop a well reasoned and tested contingency plan for your company in order to enable coordinated and expedient action in case of an emergency. In this contingency plan we analyze and assess the impact of a possible disruption of business processes on your company, hence, making it a necessary part of lawful corporate governance. The measures that we develop and implement with you, if you want, fulfill all requirements for a certification according to ISO 27001 and they are both audit-proof and legal. 

The Requirements: 

Identification of important business processes, analysis of effects of possible disruptions, development of a concept as a basis for 

  • Implementation of an emergency management 
  • Development of an emergency manual 
  • Development of an emergency plan 

The Result: 

  • Defined procedures in case of emergency 
  • Recovery of critical business processes in case of a security incident without time delays 
  • Control of financial damage, image damage und data loss 

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