IT Strategy Paper

What does the data center of the future look like? What are the entrepreneurial requirements for the next 10 years? Which risks are to be expected? How will IT-technology develop? How can we prepare for the future? 

All of the above are questions that are hard to judge in this time of rapid changes. However, we have to decide for a longer-term IT-strategy. We do not know all the answers but we can give you a lot. 

The Requirements: 

  • Analysis of the most likely IT-scenarios, adjusted to the company
  • Assessment and attention to tendencies in the field of data centers
  • Issuing of a strategy paper that is fit for the future 

The Result:

  • Safety regarding future investments as part of the IT-strategy
  • The "golden thread" within the strategy paper provides safety and foresight for future IT-decisions and hence, prevents an uncontrollable expansion of the data center  
Stephan Sequens

Stephan Sequens 
Data Center Infrastructure


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