IT Emergency Management

IT Service Continuity Management  - We help you to make the right decisions 

If there should be any event of damage despite all preventive measures, you need to act quickly, be prepared and well organized. The course of business has to be restored as soon as possible and this requires a carefully planned emergency management. Our experts assist you with examining the important documents, designing the ideal emergency management for your company, implement it and check it for efficiency. After all, a well structured IT emergency management can prevent or minimize both material and personal damage, image damage and the resulting financial damages for the respective organization. 

The Requirements: 

  • Determination of emergency organization, including task descriptions and competence description for certain roles
  • Determination of appropriate measures to prevent risks and minimize potential 
  • Provision of required resources  and determination of critical objects 
  • Risk analysis
  • Consequences
  • Strategies for resumption of work in case of emergency 
  • Continuous adjustment after every change in the IT or DC
  • Detailed procedure for all company specific danger situations like fire, water inflow, blackout, malfunction of the cooling, explosion, failure of data transfer, burglary, vandalism or bomb threats

The Result: 

An emergency management for the worst-case scenario, developed by experts in that area, which help you to avoid/reduce

  • Material or personal damage 
  • Potential image damage and/or financial damage

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